Why are two former Obama aides working with Hillary's 'shadow campaign'?

Mitch Stewart and Jeremy Bird on Ready for Hillary, Texas, and 2016
3:00 | 01/31/14

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Transcript for Why are two former Obama aides working with Hillary's 'shadow campaign'?
Welcome to the fine print I'm Jeff -- today I'm joined by Jerry Byrd and Mitch Stewart if their -- sound familiar they showed they were to top strategists on the Obama campaign guys thank you very much for joining us. In this -- it one of your new projects. There's a familiar one that's -- ready for Hillary. Wire two Obama guys in the middle in the thick of ready for Hillary and -- if you look at her record leadership her her record of accomplishments. It's probably as strong if not. -- strongest. For any sort of candidate for national office. For potential candidate this case. Second if you just look at the electoral landscape as it is right now she is I think the only candidate that keeps all of the states that -- playing 2012 including North Carolina. But then expands and you can add states like. Arizona Missouri Indiana Georgia Arkansas potentially a whole host of -- Texas a whole host of other states -- -- that -- What is right now elect moral advantage for Democrats. Exaggerated even more which isn't decided if she's running it looks and smells and kind of sounds like the shadow campaign but what is it -- -- One of the lessons if he's if you look back to -- to 2012 in terms of our ability to you run that kind of ground game that we'll get. Volunteers excited mobilize and really engaging people to register them Ted Turner not to vote is time. And starting early. And so what they think Hillary is a vehicle for those folks that are excited about her potential candidacy. Who want to do something about that he wanted to be engaged to a start you know think the grassroots. Effort. Looking at Texas battleground Texas how far along is the transition from. Red to blue and why should we believe that there's a transition and -- it's actually not a red state it off in terms of the people who voted for Rick Perry for example the last time he was elected as governor. 18%. Of the voting age population voted for eighteen -- 18%. The -- people aren't registering and turning out at rates that you see -- -- -- you know if you look at a state where -- 2.2 million. And it registered. Citizens. Over the age of eighteen who are African American Latino and Asian American. Who could be registered today that tips the balance there and then you look at the several million who are registered but not turning out. If we can inspire folks and have great candidates running. It will there'll be a battleground state. In the in the near future people said no one there will not be competitive governor's race in 2014. NIC competitive governor's race Wendy -- -- risen. And Wendy Davis is is a great candidate. Forgot to -- a great candidate for lieutenant governor have falsely. But statewide candidates that is and it's just put a little bit of political reality in this it still is a work in progress. And it's obvious talents I asked governor. Rick -- about this not that long ago announced -- him in Iowa of all places I think Texas will continue to stay in the in the red column. The Democrats are barking up the wrong tree if they think that and 2120. Point four. It becomes a blues I think that the chances of that happening -- If I'm a Republican in Texas and it doesn't matter then why it's freedom -- -- nine million dollars there why the RNC why are they spending ninety dollars. Texas in terms of the technology in the 2016 presidential campaign is 2008 going to look like a relic. You know like fax machine saying digital lifestyle tested. Yeah -- and I think there'll -- -- you know in innovations that. Aren't even around right now -- -- -- a great example of that the impact it had in 2008 was virtually -- And -- look at the impact it had in 2012 Bolton scoping. And and framing the national. Debate but also as a rapid response -- -- and basically. You know how called Twitter responded to a moment was really defining what that first debate as a private -- dinner that's exactly right. This is an example of where our priorities make a difference ask him -- your chance guest spot of that gets breakfast present your title. As president on airplane and deal house but not your own -- what is your 20s16 crystal ball say in terms of what. You know. -- types of connectivity there will be it will be a minority of people who get their online information. From a desktop computer or laptop computer at 2060 is -- all colonel Smartphones aren't you cease -- home phone rates go down in terms of connections so. You've got to both connect with people online and digital space where they're getting their information and you -- have the old school community organizing to go out and actually be in. Communities in neighborhoods. And now an -- on Thornton's that's -- -- -- The knocking on doors of sex and more important now than probably -- even ten years ago because you know ten years ago. You could feel relatively confident that your message to get out there was a simple broadcast TV ad by then it's not as simple as doing. You know TV news print and radio it's -- you have to have a really sophisticated Digital -- have to have really sophisticated grassroots because. You still can engage and at their address even though you can't get a hold of them you know on their landline. And so he's got to be much smarter. About engaging those votes that guys this is great thing might or for joining me it's a decision and apparently Jeff Jeff. And that's all for this edition of the fine print for ABC news and Yahoo! News I'm -- Sony. We'll catch you next time.

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{"id":22324883,"title":"Why are two former Obama aides working with Hillary's 'shadow campaign'?","duration":"3:00","description":"Mitch Stewart and Jeremy Bird on Ready for Hillary, Texas, and 2016 ","url":"/GMA/video/obama-aides-working-hillarys-shadow-campaign-22324883","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}