Obama On Coaching Daughter's Basketball Team

President Obama explains weekly gig coaching daughter Sasha's basketball team.
2:01 | 03/26/12

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Transcript for Obama On Coaching Daughter's Basketball Team
He is certainly not your typical coach that is for certain in the new interview with ESPN. The commander in chief President Obama revealing his passion for basketball and sharing what it's like. The coaches daughter's team. It's a glimpse of a commander in chief just being a dad. Every week President Obama coach's daughter sauces basketball team and talked about it with ESPN's Andy Katz. What's being assertive you go to drill would these girls. -- So the days pass and -- and making sure that they are not practicing -- reporters -- they can barely get the ball to the basket and then Sasha. She is -- stubborn so should be practicing -- -- here -- tell -- to just work on that show up from the block right there. The president also spoke about title nine the law expanding women's college athletics -- celebrating its fortieth anniversary and count the president as a fan. -- -- huge believer. Sports. Ends up being. Good for kids and especially good for. It gives them confidence it gives them. A sense of what it means to compete. It's a lesson that first coach hopes to -- as well. So how -- they respond when you take your time out on the weekends to make sure there as a parent volunteer. That would girls. They just think of it is -- As what beds is forced to sort of they ticket for granted you know what was fun this is another third year that the -- -- report together. And to see them all developed to -- each other up. And something's not going well. You can you can't be so go by first. -- fight -- is indeed the Seymour the president's interview and learn the very important history of -- on log on right now to ESP NW dot com won't -- you think that coach gets any lip implant. Cops and they -- and not absolutely not I -- Jack and he's such a. That's totally bad -- and today they'll just then.

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{"id":16001731,"title":"Obama On Coaching Daughter's Basketball Team","duration":"2:01","description":"President Obama explains weekly gig coaching daughter Sasha's basketball team.","url":"/GMA/video/obama-coaching-daughter-sashas-basketball-team-16001731","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}