Obama Makes Year-End Remarks Recapping Tough Year

The president appears at final news conference of 2013 before heading to Hawaii for the holidays.
3:00 | 12/21/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Obama Makes Year-End Remarks Recapping Tough Year
washington. And president obama off on his christmas vacation in hawaii right now, after holding a news conference wrapping up what even he admitsas been a very tough year. The low light of which was the disastrous rollout of healthcare.Gov. Abc news' jeff zeleny is covering the story this morning from the white house. Jeff, good morning. Reporter: Good morning, dan. You're right. President obama and his family arrived in honolulu early this morning. It's a much-needed rest from a rough and rocky year here in washington. This morning, president obama's agenda is filled with sun and relaxation. Before leaving the white house friday night, he was focused on damage control. Good afternoon, everybody. Has this been the worst year of your presidency? That's not how I think about it. If I was interested in polling, I wouldn't have run for president. Reporter: Even as he tried talking up the economy -- I firmly believe that 2014 can be a breakthrough year for america. Reporter: He couldn't escape the fallout from the health care law. The fact is, it didn't happen in the first month. The first six weeks, in a way that was at all acceptable. And since I'm in charge, obviously, we've screwed it up. Reporter: A blunt admission. But the president also defended the law. He says 1 million people have signed up for private insurance SINCE OCTOBER 1st. And more than 500,000 so far this month. But I've also got to wake up in the morning and make sure that I do better the next day. And that we keep moving forward. Reporter: But his approval ratings have fallen to their lowest point. A far cry from the confidence that opened his second term. The end of the year is always a good time to reflect and see, what can you do better next year? That's how I intend to approach it. I'm sure that I will have even better ideas after a couple days of sleep and sun. Reporter: If president obama's fifth year was difficult, his aides here tell me they know next year will be even more challenging. It's an election year. Republicans eager to seize on all his troubles, trying to win back control of the senate, which would complicate his second term and his legacy. And of course, second terms are always difficult. Jeff zeleny, thank you.

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{"id":21297906,"title":"Obama Makes Year-End Remarks Recapping Tough Year","duration":"3:00","description":"The president appears at final news conference of 2013 before heading to Hawaii for the holidays.","url":"/GMA/video/obama-makes-year-end-remarks-recapping-tough-year-21297906","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}