Obama National Security Team Consumed with Boston Suspect

President, entire national security apparatus hold briefing on developments in bombing case.
1:59 | 04/19/13

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Transcript for Obama National Security Team Consumed with Boston Suspect
Getting more details about the president's briefing in the situation room. Georgia as you can imagine this has consumed the attention of the president didn't hire. Intelligence. Homeland security and national security teams about thirty minutes ago the president and the vice president. Convened a meeting in the situation room all of those of those teams we had attorney general holder here we have FBI director Mueller -- and secretary of Homeland Security. Janet -- title and joining via teleconference secretary of state carry the FBI director John Brennan. The entire national security apparatus paying attention here George not just to the manhunt that we are watching unfold but the concern that they are looking for right now. Is are there are connections between these two Brothers and international terrorist organizations they -- looking at that and also trying to figure out whether or not. They were acting essentially on their own or did they have support here are there other members of a terror cell that are still at large. This is what is consuming the attention of the entire national security team here at the white I'm coming at the end of an extraordinary week John. George did this week I mean it's hard to tell me what one of them most one of the -- just weeks of the Obama presidency think about how it started. You had the bombing in Massachusetts of the Boston Marathon and then. Not long after we were trying to grasp of that. You had the rice in letters one addressed to the president of the United States the other addressed to senator Roger Wicker. To -- Capitol Hill. -- rice and poison turned out that was entirely unconnected but you didn't know that at the time. And then of course you had the bombing. Or -- that BA of the explosion. At the fertilizer plant outside Waco Texas. An extraordinary week as it's unfolding you don't know if the events are connected if they're not connected. At this point don't look connected. But a very tense week and by the way. A thoroughly packed week politically here this was that week when the president's big initiative on gun violence went down on Capitol Hill it rapid fire we get -- at the way to.

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{"id":18997616,"title":"Obama National Security Team Consumed with Boston Suspect","duration":"1:59","description":"President, entire national security apparatus hold briefing on developments in bombing case.","url":"/GMA/video/obama-national-security-team-consumed-boston-suspect-18997616","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}