Can Obama Recover Credibility After Health Care Debacle?

Matthew Dowd discusses the president's health care rollout and what it means for his presidency.
1:53 | 11/15/13

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Transcript for Can Obama Recover Credibility After Health Care Debacle?
political analyst, matthew dowd. The president knew he had to go out there and take his licks. We've never seen him do it in the way he did it. But did he do enough to begin the recovery? No. I think he's going to accomplish the opposite of what he wanted to do. I think what he's going to have done, he's going to burden his friends and bolster his opponents in the course of this. I think he's provided an opportunity and a window to give his opponents much more room to maneuver in this. And it gives his people that support him, difficulty defending him. Modern presidents have had so much trouble in their second terms. You served with president george w. Bush. Everyone knows what happened with katrina. Once those questions about his competence took hold, his second term never really recovered. Is president obama in that kind of a position right now? I think what we could look at in two years or three years from now, I think this is probabla tipping point in the credibility of his presidency. The same exact think as you say, happened to george w. Bush. It was a series of things. And katrina, which is different than obama care. But at that point in time, the presidency and the relevancy of his presidency was over. I think that's what we're seeing right now for president obama. No presidents recover when they get this low, ever recover in the course of their presidency. And if history's any guide, he's going to have a very difficult time recovering. The argument is, if the website is fixed, by the end of the month, if people start to sign up and health care works, his signature achievement pays off. Well, that's a big -- as you know, that's a huge if. And I think most people expect it's not going to be fixed by the end of this month. And I think it's all an implementation. This is not a communications problem. This is a governing problem. And that puts a huge weight on him. Every time there's a problem, he's going to get blamed. And he can't communicate his way out of it. All about the execution. Matthew dowd, thanks very much. Much more of the fallout sunday on "this week."

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{"id":20898257,"title":"Can Obama Recover Credibility After Health Care Debacle?","duration":"1:53","description":"Matthew Dowd discusses the president's health care rollout and what it means for his presidency.","url":"/GMA/video/obama-recover-credibility-health-care-debacle-20898257","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}