Obama's Tough Stance Against Government Shutdown

The president holds news conference to pressure republicans into raising debt ceiling.
2:45 | 09/28/13

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Transcript for Obama's Tough Stance Against Government Shutdown
We're going to start with the big news out of the white house on two major fronts. First, the president in the middle of a historymaking phone call. The first high-level contact with iran since 1979. And second, the president holding a news conference with tough words for republicans over the budget showdown. There's the countdown clock. What will a government shutdown mean for you? Abc's jeff zeleny is at the white house with the latest. A lot of pressure on house speaker john boehner this week end. Reporter: You're right. He's convening a meeting of his republicans that are not agreeing on much. The pressure on those 800,000 federal workers is the real story. That's the story the white house is trying to get across. How this potential government shutdown could affect real americans. President obama warning congress. Do not shut down the government. Do not shut down the economy. Reporter: And warning americans of the real implications of a government shutdown. Military personnel will not get paid on time. Federal loans forrural communities. Families buying a home will be frozen. Reporter: With three days left in the fiscal year, a shutdown once unlikely, now, all too real for these federal workers. My wife and I are federal workers. We work hard. We expect to be paid and not laid off. Reporter: The senate passed a bill to keep the government running. Now it's back in the house. Many republican rts fighting to delay the health care law. What happens in a shut wroun? Visa and passport applications from 500,000 people sit untouched. Mortgages delayed for first-time home buyers. And flood relief in colorado, some help already delayed. The national guard is holding off on sending 120 soldiers, citing the uncertainty of budget constraints and possible government shutdown. Colorado congressman cory gardener. This is unacceptable. Reporter: Visitors in washington seeing an impasse up close. What do you think of the shutdown? Typical. Congress and the senate are being stubborn. Reporter: What are you telling your congressman? Telling lee to get it resolved. Reporter: There are deep divisions among republicans. The tea party republicans especially. They're intent on trying to keep the obama health care bill tied to this. So many people watching if the sidelines thinking the whole thing is ridiculous. And then the second hurdle, the debt ceiling. People will be watching the stock market. Our thanks to you, jeff.

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{"id":20405251,"title":"Obama's Tough Stance Against Government Shutdown","duration":"2:45","description":"The president holds news conference to pressure republicans into raising debt ceiling.","url":"/GMA/video/obamas-tough-stance-government-shutdown-20405251","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}