More Objects Spotted in the Search For Missing Flight MH370

Officials turn their attention to a more focused search area, hoping to find out what happened to the plane.
3:00 | 03/29/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for More Objects Spotted in the Search For Missing Flight MH370
The latest on the search for the missing Malaysia airlines flight. Chinese planes spotting three objects in the new search area overnight raising hopes that they could be from flight 370. ABC's David Wright is in Perth, Australia, with the latest. Good morning, David. Reporter: Good morning, bianna. That's the latest of several objects spotted in the past 24 hours promising signs but we're still waiting for confirmation whether they are from flight 370. Australian maritime authorities have had very little to say. Clearly not wanting to raise people's hopes. Today a Chinese search plane reported spotting three brightly colored objects. The colors, red, white and Orange. Out on the open water, cautious optimism among the searchers because of objects like this one spotted by some of the planes. I saw a number of objects out there. Certainly unusual. Reporter: The spotters on board of the search planes have seen objects before but never have they managed to get clear pictures or have another plane find those same objects again. Finally, the details seem to be lining up. Ultimately we don't know if these are associated with the aircraft yet. Reporter: In order to determine conclusively if any of this is from flight 370, a ship will have to retrieve it from the water. China's largest research vessel has been in the search area all day. Five more ships should be arriving on the scene about now. The first one to spot anything significant Friday, this new Zealand p-3 Orion. Half the planes over the search grid Friday spotted debris of some sort, the most promising day yet. Astonishingly, nearly three weeks after the crash, Malaysian authorities said today they have not ruled out the possibility of finding survivors. No matter how remote, hope against hope please we will continue to find survivors. It's now focused on a previously unsearched stretch of sea the size of Virginia nearly 700 miles away from the location of those satellite photos they chased for most of the week. Is it out there? We may know soon but getting it back won't be easy. It's in a very rough part of the ocean. It will always be very rough. Reporter: It would truly be a miracle if they found survivors here, even once they confirm debris on the water pay come from flight 370, there's still the job of finding the heavy wreckage lying on the ocean floor. 12,000 feet down. It could be weeks or months before we retrieve those black boxes and finally get answers, Dan. If ever. So much work left to be done. David Wright, thank you. Let's bring in colonel Stephen ganyard in Washington. Good morning. I can't get over the comments from the Malaysian government official overnight about how they're continuing to search for survivors. He also said miracles do happen. Is this a responsible message to be sending now that they said the plane is gone. I think it's an unfortunate comment. Somebody thinking with their heart and not head and it's just not fair to these families to continue to say that there's reason to hold out hope. We really know nothing more than we did in just days after the mishap. In essence we're at day one on this search but this is where people -- their emotions get the better of them. S only thing they can do, continue to search and use the scientific methods they have and do their best to find something that will give us some answers about this mishap. Steve ganyard, we appreciate your analysis once again and throughout this coverage. We do appreciate it. Thank you.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Officials turn their attention to a more focused search area, hoping to find out what happened to the plane.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23111625","title":"More Objects Spotted in the Search For Missing Flight MH370","url":"/GMA/video/objects-spotted-search-missing-flight-mh370-23111625"}