'OC' Star Mischa Barton Recounts Partying Past to People Mag

Barton shares her journey from rock bottom and back as young Hollywood starlet.
1:56 | 10/16/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'OC' Star Mischa Barton Recounts Partying Past to People Mag
heat index," hollywood star, mischa barton. She talks about the breakdown she had. She is opening up to "people" magazine about the drugs, the partying and the body issues that landed her in a psych ward. And abc's reena ninan has more on the former "o.C." Star's journey to rock bottom and back. Reporter: She played the ravishing high schooler that seemed to have it all. Marissa cooper. Reporter: At 16, mischa barton landed the role of marissa cooper on "the o.C." It was "the o.C." That put her life and career on the hollywood fast track. She also talked about having a meltdown. Coming forward in the issue of "people" magazine, saying it was a fulldown breakdown. While her character was struggling with issues of drugs, alcohol and partying, they were issues she was dealing with offscreen. The glare was too much. It was like a fascination switch on all of us, aimed especially at me. In 2007, she pled no contest to a dui. The court ordered her to rehab. By 2009, she hit her lowest point. The breakdown landing her in a psych ward. I was never suicidal. I was just overworked and depressed. She took the time she needed. She took the time to get healthy, to do some self-reflection. And found it was a good time to speak out about the issues that she felt were important. Reporter: Even addressing the critics who often scrutinized her weight. It's always, she's too skinny, she must be sick. Then, she's too big. I was never the right weight. Not everybody stays the same body type. Now, she's returning to the big screen, with movie projects and a tv pilot. She looks forward to the future and holds no bitterness over the past. I needed to take this time for me. I learned a lot. I'm stronger now and excited for what's ahead. For "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news, new york.

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{"id":20585474,"title":"'OC' Star Mischa Barton Recounts Partying Past to People Mag","duration":"1:56","description":"Barton shares her journey from rock bottom and back as young Hollywood starlet.","url":"/GMA/video/oc-star-mischa-barton-recounts-partying-past-people-20585474","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}