'Occupy' Protestors Vow to Shut Down Stock Exchange

Dan Harris reports from protests on Wall Street in New York.
1:03 | 11/17/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Occupy' Protestors Vow to Shut Down Stock Exchange
Those protesters in the Occupy Wall Street movement promising to unleash chaos this morning in San Francisco protesters stormed -- Bank of America shouting and blasting air -- driving includes. Out the door and at this hour here in. New York protesters are again literally attempting to Occupy Wall Street found to shut down the stock exchange ABC's Dan Harris is in the middle of -- all game. A judge good morning progresses starting to gather in the park behind me there planet you say is the march on Wall Street. And try to shut it down by blocking people from getting into work. Reportedly some of the protesters will -- seven suits and ties to try to blend in with the business people. Later today they say they're gonna occupy the subways and march over the Brooklyn Bridge. City officials say they're expecting perhaps. Tens of thousands of people -- -- a massive police force out to deal with that today. Today really is a big test of strength of this movement as your -- two days ago. They shut down the original Occupy Wall Street and -- in the park behind me.

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{"id":14971192,"title":"'Occupy' Protestors Vow to Shut Down Stock Exchange","duration":"1:03","description":"Dan Harris reports from protests on Wall Street in New York.","url":"/GMA/video/occupy-wall-street-protestors-vow-shut-stock-exchange-14971192","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}