'Ocean's 16' Discusses Powerball Win

New Jersey county co-workers split one third of $448 million jackpot.
1:39 | 08/13/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Ocean's 16' Discusses Powerball Win
From maintenance workers to millionaires. The office pool winners in last week's powerball jackpot introduce themselves Tuesday for the first time. Nine women seven men in ocean county New Jersey Lisa prosciutto bought the winning ticket. I look -- yeah. Now and I immediately just started shaking. And I just staring at -- I didn't know what to do. They worked together in the county department of vehicle services for years whenever the jackpot -- they bought tickets. Finally they cashed again. Just -- -- and shocking. Victory for years and almost retirement last year. This happens. -- had been one of three winning tickets for the powerball jackpot of 448 million dollars another ticket sold in New Jersey has not yet been claim. The third winning ticket was bought by this Minnesota man. They call themselves ocean sixteenth they didn't have to pull off the Las Vegas Tyson as the gang famously did in the film ocean's eleven they just got lucky. The only a year ago many of them had been down on their luck victims of hurricane sandy. Darlene radio lost everything. The first thing I did. I mean my Blair calling for my dog back home. And now she can afford quite a doghouse. She and her co workers each get three point eight million dollars after taxes and it still sinking in. I got why do wrong they have -- bedroom door and -- -- with my -- husband. It's no longer more. -- Sony ABC news New York.

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{"duration":"1:39","description":"New Jersey county co-workers split one third of $448 million jackpot.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19951250","title":"'Ocean's 16' Discusses Powerball Win","url":"/GMA/video/oceans-16-discusses-powerball-win-19951250"}