Oscar Winner on 'Absolutely Life-Changing' New Role

Octavia Spencer and Michael B. Jordan discuss playing Oscar Grant and his mom in new film.
4:15 | 02/27/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Oscar Winner on 'Absolutely Life-Changing' New Role
Oscar winner. Octavia Spencer -- Michael B Jordan they are being stars of an incredible -- movie it's called rebels stations. That's already generating a lot of Oscar buzz it's based on the true story of Oscar grant's. You may remember that he was fatally shot by a police officer -- bell station and Oakland California in the early morning hours. -- seeds and New Year's Day 2009. Oscars mom Wanda convinced her son to take the train that night because she thought. It would be -- -- -- Links -- tonight. He gets that claims for the night. And nothing major though I -- -- -- fellas two decision. -- fireworks. Probably rule around a -- Finally to China there -- That way you guys can drink and hang out not have to remain. Claimed in opening game back play Winona. No -- keep it. You know he was going to be crazy -- and coming back. We might take it. Okay that's just to -- we are thrilled to have Academy Award winner Octavia Spencer and Michael B Jordan here. With us this morning I'm gonna tell you is so powerful -- so well done and very very. Balance Michael you said. When we asked you what -- word to describe that she said timely yeah what did you mean by that this thing. Like you know right now to doesn't pertain. Especially with the -- trip on March case going on right now and just a rapid loss of life. Come within our community especially among African American only those I just think it's a story he's been told to reduce our values -- his -- -- little bit more. And you do you need him you were able to see him as a human being Batavia that -- just can't believe the plane moms -- -- To. Replace someone did not look I think didn't. Almost did not turn down this -- actually want life. Because. I aid and -- when I saw the actual footage. I was very angry and I thought anger was not the right emotion to. Associate win this. You know anger without action leads to -- so you have to have a place -- an outlet for that anger. And I I wanted -- to do something else and then my agent said will you need to read the script because he had director. Does not to approach this story that way -- And her co executive producer of this as well he. And really hasn't been an interesting element -- -- -- Cody Hawkins. A few others that there's a certain responsibility. When you're doing a true story yes and you were able to spend time with with the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They say the most important thing -- you know because there's no audio and video on Oscar whatsoever so we have to get to know him through the -- known best. His daughter his mother an Oscar for Sophia and all of his best friends and everybody had a different version of because he's a very layered young man very complex. We just you know use -- -- different -- kind of blend together that this one. But this is pretty sure the good side of the bad sides of -- and all -- applause and our and it wasn't right here trying to to take shots at the police or the judicial system again you let the viewer you -- a person watching. Make up their own -- and you said this was really life changing for you to take on -- role like this because you've ever played this type role either. No I have made -- it you know it made me realize. How important it is to and to not only. Entertained if we can enlighten people through that entertainment com and somehow. Take account of our own interaction with people that we deem and different from ourselves and you know it's a growing processes that that's what I would dialogue and it gets people talking exactly what one -- hear both your hopes for people who sit down and watch -- -- We won the thing. You know loaned to it's to ask questions you know questions -- lease discussions and you know -- hold -- like so hold myself accountable for our own actions and stop you know. Being so quick to judge one another. Petrova was well absolutely. Absolutely I hope people. Remember -- that a young man -- I mean let's elect his life and I like those -- will move us away from Kent island side of that Michael. Graduation continue to keep -- going on in got Oscar winning parents -- Oscar buzz. Surrounding your enemy -- a lot of by the way. And -- I think everybody and I am confident that yeah you've still got -- -- rising -- right. A friend felt they should hopeless than select theaters on Friday and the nation -- on July 26 -- a -- --

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{"id":19606575,"title":"Oscar Winner on 'Absolutely Life-Changing' New Role","duration":"4:15","description":"Octavia Spencer and Michael B. Jordan discuss playing Oscar Grant and his mom in new film.","url":"/GMA/video/octavia-spencer-interview-fruitvale-station-oscar-winner-absolutely-19606575","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}