Octavia Spencer on Her Oscar Nomination

The actress was nominated for best supporting actress for "The Help."
3:29 | 01/24/12

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Transcript for Octavia Spencer on Her Oscar Nomination
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. It happened at -- young woman from the -- -- at some start to see she's not there and start seeing it but really competitive category -- Carey Mulligan for shame could be in their Sandra Bullock for extremely loud can be in there you don't have one of the best category little. And then another. To Clinton close -- racism that. Albert -- what is it for those of us who don't know it's one of those passion project -- the -- want to make reference. You know it's set in Ireland in the months of the eighteen hundreds and chief. -- -- -- -- -- Societal issue once and she wants to work as a father -- -- play up twenty years ago she's always say we're basically the last couple of decades trying to get this moving away from. Outside at night. Can you imagine if he had heard her name called we have somebody on the phone with us right now so when you know -- well -- act to us. Okay. The Octavia Spencer found I didn't get -- about sitting. I am I ever so overwhelmed right now I can't even tell you I can't believe we've got his -- How did you feel knowing that you're going to be nominated along with your friend Melissa McCarthy and -- I am so over the moon it. -- What we're what does -- all of it from that can probably. It would drive by and -- You don't opinion there's your friend Jessica test being nominated for herbal work. -- -- -- -- I'm thrilled that -- And I love -- they yell as well no it's gonna be a fun fun time that actor category. What -- UN last year during the -- us. What that last year Ellis affiliate. -- -- It is let me I want to imagine that you've got up early this morning you got completely fabulously wonderful dressed you have a great -- -- service and wonderful breakfast and you. The nominations is that the deal that I you don't. Well at night. Based group that and we didn't know what they're -- happened today so we wanted to celebrate where -- work. So -- their rooms they'll have to what people we've got to wickedly wherever we weren't perfect but yeah. It reportedly ordered -- if -- -- one yet -- -- to all US. I am wouldn't team help Tate Taylor an indirect auto writer prior -- lap late. And that department that coming out around three. I was at cellophane bag and that I believe that have been made without him I think it -- -- is greeted -- fine. And did not come on -- Riley who played a visit Italy all these in the house Andretti Green -- -- -- below the play I'm Stuart. It here. And -- a lot more people I think. Look at -- not -- Getting here. It sounds like a real party Octavia thank you for sharing this celebration with us congratulations good luck. And what I Oscar nominees -- -- Good Morning America dot com on Yahoo! and remember you can see Academy Awards. Right here on ABC Sunday February 26. We can't --

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{"id":15428372,"title":"Octavia Spencer on Her Oscar Nomination","duration":"3:29","description":"The actress was nominated for best supporting actress for \"The Help.\"","url":"/GMA/video/octavia-spencer-oscar-nomination-2012-help-15428372","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}