October Snow Surprises Northeast

Sam Champion explains why the Northeastern United States is unseasonably cold.
1:14 | 10/28/11

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Transcript for October Snow Surprises Northeast
Let me show you 100 year record that broke yesterday in Amarillo Texas the pictures of Amarillo -- more than three inches of snow in that area and that is the same system the moisture that cold air and everything -- starts loading up into northern New England. The picture yesterday of what some people were saying seven into -- now. In western Massachusetts this was a really big deal a lot of people getting that person of snow and now to what happens with the rest. Of this -- The idea here is as this system -- and it's got plenty of cold air it has plenty of moisture it is a classic. Newly and New England nor'easter start my lips are a little -- -- as you see this -- and pink here. We're looking at what is six to ten inches of snow expected now remember this is going to be a very wet system it'll go from rain to snow to rain to snow it's getting loaded with Atlantic moisture some tropical moisture and it will make snow in colder in locations coastal areas like New York City. Even Philadelphia output in the smaller snowfall totals New York City on -- Boston it will start as -- will be some cold rain. -- overnight it will go to a little bit of snow as well and you'll have a dusting and accumulation and we'll get serious with the totals in who gets what later on Good Morning America you will not be able to say the word surprise witness no.

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{"id":14832806,"title":"October Snow Surprises Northeast","duration":"1:14","description":"Sam Champion explains why the Northeastern United States is unseasonably cold.","url":"/GMA/video/october-snow-surprises-northeast-14832806","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}