Office Romance: Tips For Dating At Work

Stephen Viscusi says it's OK to date a co-worker.
5:15 | 11/17/11

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Transcript for Office Romance: Tips For Dating At Work
Dating a coworker is usually aimed I don't know but our guest says. Career advisor Stephen miscues he believes that office -- it is okay and he actually thinks he can help find anyone. Mr. or miss right. Hasty and high tourist Howard perhaps I'm good so the first step you say is talent -- if he ill. He had the first -- is really listen don't be afraid to work don't confuse sexual harassment now with. -- someone to work but work -- like the best match dot com there is that's where we spend most of our time. We have the most amount of interest with our fellow coworkers and we can fall in love at work I guess what most people do. -- -- -- -- -- -- Use your private. ICL. Don't do it on the company -- right. Don't do it on the boss's computer -- doing company email and keep your romance private tutor your own. Time do it in your own space and definitely keep it out of the workplace email for sure has no business. Work on the email. You're saying it's okay expressed a lot our coworkers but we don't necessarily want to let everybody else know about it that's as well about the email it's also about. Just how we conduct. The combinations that thing I think it depends what your company policy I'm talking about I think it's inappropriate use -- email. -- imagine writing but I do think that each company has its own policy at some companies -- okay to have romance that work. And others this is not appropriate and it depends upon what the relationship -- are not. -- necessarily sure you have to keep this secret from your coworkers. But I I do think it doesn't belong in any part of the boss's computer. Got it our right step three. You want ST date but not to talk about work a little bit easier said than that went out with -- -- workers. That's a 100% true it's but -- -- of the romance begins and it balloons says it's a romance some one of the best ways to keep the romance brash. Is really -- detached whether it really is a romance. Is to really he would ask you have a comment what other interest you have otherwise. You might just be BB DF -- and really wanting to be sure that that really is not a good friend at work. As opposed to romantic partner -- way to do that if the start talking about stuff. Outside of war see what else having -- -- exactly are right. You say that work is your social networking. Playground so what does that mean. I think it's the best tool that we have very often people think. Now I have I'm working with people and everybody always always tells me a story -- -- -- -- I have relatives friends if -- -- mile partner worked 25 years ago it's one of the best. Places and ways to meet people. And I think that people shouldn't be afraid to explore it means that everybody's right there in front of you but it's not only wore it could be the UPS man coming in -- could be the delivery person. It could recently that you meet and network through your job as well so go beyond the stable of your local cubicle and office. And consider some of the vendors that you work -- as well there's romance there waiting to happen. Oh my -- you are totally complicate. Oh eight. It doesn't work out what happens when it does work out a way and and you know you -- your job yet. And it's always a risk it takes but love is worth the risk. And I tell everyone who says well you know what it doesn't work out and then I'm gonna be stuck with looking basing everything within its better than to -- of them lost. They never to have loved at all a 100% think that they're very few bad things that ever happened from any kind of war romance. Even when they break out. Our rights and don't let that one get away now -- Are right so before you go out we also want to hear about your new reality show that's coming out called the jobless -- tell about it. Well I've finished a pilot training and working titles -- the job whisper the one hour episode we know each week to a different city we find two people in each city. That are unemployed -- give them a total make over. I'm a headhunter for many many years I don't believe in career coaches the coach is -- says he's -- get people very direct response. And guess what if this is super nanny sort of -- millionaire matchmaker -- -- British accent. This is an -- American import very red state oriented we go our first drug -- over by the way through the US. -- guy coming back from Afghanistan. We take about from a house and driver. I completely changes like around an unbelievable way. -- a mom from New Jersey has the data Detroit -- people -- all over the country with a lot of emphasis on a lot of military people that we find jobs for. -- their companies that specialize just in re making in hiring. Army people come back from Afghanistan or any of the armed forces at all. And we specialize in taking a lot of these people and helping the remake the relies on the way they look to the resonate the way they speak and act. And the way their family supports them and helping them find the job. Asked -- with a complete make over child from head to tout. RA we can't wait a lot thank you birds nest and absolutely right -- -- out we're gonna go find out work and love with. That's right don't be afraid to be romantic at work all better than any other -- service. All right you got it thanks Stephen -- Serbian --

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{"id":14974037,"title":"Office Romance: Tips For Dating At Work","duration":"5:15","description":"Stephen Viscusi says it's OK to date a co-worker.","url":"/GMA/video/office-romance-tips-dating-work-14974037","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}