Officials Hope Cameras Scare Drivers Straight

Traffic-light cameras record drivers running red lights, dangerous crashes.
2:04 | 12/30/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Officials Hope Cameras Scare Drivers Straight
And now just in time for New Year's -- there's a new push to make the roads safer and reduce one of the most deadly kind of accidents those that happen when drivers run red lights. You're seeing some footage here -- drivers doing just that is ABC's Lisa stark reports one company now says that their video could save lives. It is not a pretty picture. And that's the point. The nation's largest supplier of red light cameras now posting video online. Of cars -- by the cameras as they blow through red lights at this -- intersection the driver runs the red in his smashed into. But the driver who has the Green light. There are so many people. Who believe that their time is more important than your life. These some of 2011 -- worst offenders the hope is of drivers seem what can happen they will hit the break and next time they see red. But will only work. Well they might make a difference around the margins. But most people think crashes happened other people not to them. There's little doubt that accidents like these are deadly in 2009 nearly 700 people were killed. And 130000. Injured in red light running crashes. Most of those were in the other vehicles were pedestrians or -- some -- Would this car ignores the -- it hits an SUV which rolled right into a pedestrian. Miraculously. He survived. The cameras are controversial there's evidence they can increase rear Enders as drivers slam on brakes to avoid getting caught. But -- -- by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found they also reduce -- more deadly T bone crashes and save lives. People know that they should run red lights but the best education program is a traffic ticket. And many of these crashes it appears the driver never saw the red never slowed down. So if you're waiting in an intersection and your light turns Green you may want to wait a beat before you proceed. For Good Morning America -- Lisa stark ABC news Washington.

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{"id":15259146,"title":"Officials Hope Cameras Scare Drivers Straight","duration":"2:04","description":"Traffic-light cameras record drivers running red lights, dangerous crashes.","url":"/GMA/video/officials-hope-cameras-scare-drivers-straight-15259146","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}