Details on Craigslist Murders

Brogan Rafferty's father explains why his son is innocent of grisly Ohio crimes.
2:12 | 11/29/11

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Transcript for Details on Craigslist Murders
The latest now on those chilling Craig's list murders in Ohio a 52 year old man and a teenage -- are in custody. Accused of -- the victims of fake help wanted -- the -- sixteen year old broken -- pretty will be in court this morning and in this exclusive interview with ABC's Dan Harris. His father previews the team's defense. Sixteen year old Rogen -- pretty cut up in a sensational murder case up plot to kill people. Who replied to a bogus help wanted ad on Craigslist outrageous murder plot bizarre Craigslist shooting and now broken his father Michael -- pretty. It tells ABC news in this exclusive taped interview that his son fell under the spell this man. 52 year old rich Beasley who mentor -- -- for a decade. Think that my son will be capable mastermind and some kind of crazy scheme like this is you know. -- -- -- Broke his father says his son told him he did not shoot anybody but that he did unwittingly -- some of the graves thinking they were simply. Drainage ditches. I think that he probably. Didn't realize -- he was involved -- and told us. Too late and that he was -- father's life and the lives of people -- love. Also this morning we're learning more about the man they called -- -- -- Beasley -- self styled man of god several churches he says he was associated with. Now -- he was even a member. And earlier this year chaplain Beasley was charged with selling OxyContin growing marijuana and promoting prostitution. -- father says he feels tremendous guilt because he is the one who introduced his son to Beasley. I -- some of my son the most precious thing in the world for. And. -- -- bite me now one of his classmates who did not want her identity revealed. He told me broke in defended her. From -- he. He stood up for me like a lot more -- -- extend reprimands or better and meanwhile brogue -- has written this letter home. Saying he fears he won't get out until well after everybody he knows and loves. Has died. For Good Morning America Dan Harris ABC news Akron.

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{"id":15046229,"title":"Details on Craigslist Murders","duration":"2:12","description":"Brogan Rafferty's father explains why his son is innocent of grisly Ohio crimes.","url":"/GMA/video/ohio-craigslist-murders-details-teenage-suspect-brogan-rafferty-15046229","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}