Ohio Craigslist Murders: Search for More Victims

Former FBI Special Agent Brad Garret discusses possibility of more victims.
1:59 | 11/28/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ohio Craigslist Murders: Search for More Victims
Let's bring in former FBI special agent Brad Garrett also -- ABC news. Consultant Brad possible motive here in a police are saying robbery and you're saying wait a minute didn't know when -- targeting. Unemployed men. -- robbery have been a motive but that's exactly right are we looking at something beyond just robbery like -- -- -- sexual component of this. Is there something like the DC sniper case word they actually randomly targeted people. Killed them the -- -- clear as to why they were killing people but. Week only goes to the relationship between the sixteen year old mr. Beasley. And did he manipulate him did he bring -- -- this and convinced them that what they were doing was the right thing that's what happened in the DC sniper case so. I think we're not to the core yet I just can't buy it's just strictly robbery and talk a little bit more about that as a couple times you prefer to the DC case when you have the older man and the younger -- which you have. In this case what investigators look -- that's the case they're gonna look for. The relationship how does -- start. How long have -- been together what was the dynamics of the relationship in the church and outside the church because it appears. That the sixteen year old spent a lot of time with mr. Beasley and what what was going on those conversations you're gonna -- -- interview all the people around both of them. What are they telling each other and even talking online I would look at all of telephone calls -- sixteen year old who's gonna probably more tech savvy and -- the father are our over the -- older gentleman festive. Who who -- they talking to in. How has he changed the sixteen year old in the last maybe six months. And we heard also that talking about this and police are concerned to a lot of time has elapsed between those ads being placed and these two suspects. In custody of appearance -- could be possibly more victims I think that's very likely. And I think it may be just do what they got a tip that has led them to these two guys. How much for -- is going to go I think you can look at a member of the victims before they get more information on the -- that was so crucial part Bret thank you very much.

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{"id":15038987,"title":"Ohio Craigslist Murders: Search for More Victims ","duration":"1:59","description":"Former FBI Special Agent Brad Garret discusses possibility of more victims.","url":"/GMA/video/ohio-craigslist-murders-fbi-initiates-search-victims-suspects-15038987","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}