Older, Heavier O.J. Simpson Appears in Court

The disgraced football player is looking for a retrial for his robbery conviction.
4:07 | 05/14/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Older, Heavier O.J. Simpson Appears in Court
begin with o.J. Simpson back in court to get out of jail, abc's neal karlinsky was in the courtroom with simpson yesterday and joins us now. Good morning, neal. Reporter: Good morning. O.J. Simpson who according to police reports weighs in at a whopping 270 pounds came into court here looking a lot less like the former all-star and more like just another aging prisoner. He'll be back here in court this morning essentially trying to convince the judge to give him a second chance. O.J. Simpson, nevada iate number 1027820 walked into court wearing his prison clothes, a nervous smile and handcuffs, the 65-year-old disgraced former nfl star has clearly aged and put on weight in prison. This was him when he was convicted just four years ago and here in 1995 when he was acquitted in the murders of any coal brown spson and ron goldman. His attorneys tell abc news even this week's break from his prison routine isn't easy. How is he doing? How was o.J. Today? I don't know if you noticed but in shackles. Wouldn't let us give him a -- Reporter: His new attorneys hope to win him a new trial for this bungled sports memorabilia heist. Don't let nobody out of this room. Reporter: Simpson wound up convicted of robbery and kidnapping while trying to get back his own mementos but now back in court claiming yale galanter, his old lawyer, badly botched the case. I fully disclosed my plan to yale galanter and he advised me that I was within my legal rights, simpson writes in a sworn affidavit. His daughter testified monday about her experience with the attorney. As you were waiting to stify, did yale galanter or gabe grosso ever prepare you. Not really, no. Reporter: He shifted between studious, nervous and zoned out at times claims he never was told he could have a plea deal and wasn't given the chance to testify for himself. The idea he was never told of a plea offer arguably for two to five years is significant. And can be potentially a get out of jail card for o.J. Reporter: The big moment in this hearing will likely come on wednesday when o.J. Simpson himself is expected to testify under oath, something he never did in either of his now infamous criminal cases. George? Okay, neal, thanks very much. For more let's bring in one of the country's top defense attorneys, roy black. Thanks for joining us. O.J. Testifies on wednesday. What will he have to do to get this get out of jail free card. He has to play the points he has. One that the lawyer misinformed him before he went in there to get back the memorabilia. Two, he wasn't told about the plea bargain and, three, he didn't get his chance to testify and somehow his lawyer interfered with that. Those are the big three points he's going to have to make. But, of course, you'll have his lawyer come back and testify as well and presumably he's going to have some records. Well, yes, number one, I'm sure that yale galanter has a file in which he has notes about informing simpson about his plea bargain. I'm sure that he has denied he told him in advance he could go ahead and do this because no lawyer is going to give somebody advice like that. And I think on friday I think the really big day is friday when yale galanter takes the stand, simpson has to waive the attorney/client privilege so he's going to be able to tell the entire story about the background of that trial. And that could end up making simpson even more vulnerable. Oh, yeah, once you waive the attorney/client privilege you open pandora's box. You don't know what the lawyer is going to say because yale has the right to defend himself from these accusas. And he has a right to tell what he told him and what simpson told him about what happened. So bottom line, does o.J. Have much of a chance here? I would say that his chances are somewhere between 0% and 1%. Wow. That's not much of a chance. Okay. It's pretty slim. Okay, roy black, thanks very much.

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{"id":19174705,"title":"Older, Heavier O.J. Simpson Appears in Court","duration":"4:07","description":"The disgraced football player is looking for a retrial for his robbery conviction.","url":"/GMA/video/oj-simpson-back-court-2013-older-heavier-oj-19174705","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}