OJ Simpson Wants Armed Robbery Conviction Thrown Out

The football player will appear in court to try to convince a judge a new trial should be ordered.
4:29 | 05/13/13

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Transcript for OJ Simpson Wants Armed Robbery Conviction Thrown Out
Also in court today, the man who may be the most infamous defendant of our time. Trying to get his ruling overturned after his involvement in a heist. He's going to claim the lawyer bungled the case? That's right. 19 claims of inefftive counsel and conflict of interest. If he doesn't win a new trial, best case scenario, he's in jail for five more years. Worst case, he could spend the rest of his life behind bars. A now graying, 65-year-old o.J. Simpson goes to a nevada courtroom today hoping the judge will throw him a hail mary, by throwing out the verdict that sent him to jail. Count one, conspiracy to commit a crime, guilty, count two, guilty, count throw, guilty. Reporter: His robbery was all caught on tape. Don't let nobody out of here. Reporter: Each of the other men involved took plea deal. Simpson says his lawyer never told him prosecutors offered him a deal. If he had known about an offer of two to five, he would have taken it if he understood the chances of being convicted. Reporter: He says he had such bad representation, a new trial should be ordered. You went to the room, you used force. Reporter: The former all-star running back was sentenced to a maximum of 33 years after holding up two sports memorabilia agents who were allegedly trying to sell his family mementos. He admitted he organized five people to go to the hotel room with him. I didn't mean to steal anything from anybody. And I didn't know I was doing anything illegal. Reporter: His conviction in vegas came 13 years to the day in his famous acquittal of the murders of his ex-wife nicole and her friend, ron simpson. Back in 1985, his lawyers were said to be a dream team. He's hoping to be able to convince the judge his lawyer in this case was anything but. We reached out to his previous attorney, yael gallanter, he refused comment. Joined noi by rikki klieman. She covered both of simpson's trials. A hail mary motion. Not good chances. Not good chances. Who can blame him for trying once again. One good thing for him here. If he was never, ever advised there was lea deathe table where he could have got. Two years, then he really does have -- is that conceivable? It's a little difficult. I tell you what I would have done. If I represented him, and I got such an offer, I would make sure not only did I tell him. I would present it to him in writing, make himcountersign a piece of paper that he had heard me, he had read it, because otherwise, this could happen. What about a claim that the lawyer told him he could go back in the hotel room and get it? His lawyer may have said he was entitled to that memorabilia if he went and asked. He came in with a gang of low lives. One of them was armed. They pushed people around. There was a tape-recording. It looked like a robbery. The people in there felt like they were not free to leave. That is a kidnapping. What kind of demeanor do you exprotect from o.J. When e comes into the courtroom? I have read he's slower. Heavier physically. He won't be the same juice that we used to know. I'll tell you one thing, having watched him literal ly in a courtroom. He was, no matter what we ever thought of, one of the most charismatic people of all time. He charmed them all. Thank you, arikki. Sam?

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{"duration":"4:29","description":"The football player will appear in court to try to convince a judge a new trial should be ordered.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19166770","title":"OJ Simpson Wants Armed Robbery Conviction Thrown Out","url":"/GMA/video/oj-simpson-back-court-2013-simpson-armed-robbery-19166770"}