Tornado Survivor Made It to Shelter Just in Time

Residents of Moore, Okla., had minutes to take cover before disaster struck.
2:23 | 05/22/13

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Transcript for Tornado Survivor Made It to Shelter Just in Time
more people and abc's cecilia vega joins us on how many survived. Reporter: Good morning, you're right. It doesn't look just looking at this like that many people survived but they did. So many ories of survival but thanks to those warnings residents had 16 minutes to get to safety before it hit. For so many that was the difference between life and death. This is how the ef tornado sounded and looked as it stormed over moore. Two minutes, that's how much time he had to race from the tornado outside into the safety of his neighbor's storm cellar. What could you hear from inside there? Things hitting the door and just really loud wind. You couldn't really tell that houses were just getting toppled and destroyed. You know, you didn't think it was this. Reporter: He spent his entire life on this block in moore. He thought this tornado was just like all the others. There were countless forecasts leading up to this tornado predicting its destructive path but when it finally hit, the residents of oklahoma had just 16 minutes to run for their lives. That's how much notice they had before this twister struck. Jackie told abc's alex perez she tried to take cover in her bathroom. Within seconds the entire roof of her house gone. Debris kept falling and fl be. Reporter: She lost everything but knows for others it was so much worse. Hey, I am alive and there were little children that aren't and I just can't imagine people having to go and not find their child at school. Reporter: For sky, going back down into that shelter brings back too many bad memories. He'd rather stay above ground and piece together the good ones. You got into the shelter two minutes before that tornado took your house down. Yes, ma'am. I think about it now and I'm extremely lucky. Reporter: Extremely lucky is right. Now, sky told me -- sky told me he's from oklahoma, that he's -- this is a it state where they see tornadoes. They're used to it. That's why he didn't leave. This one we know was unlike any other. So many thankful for those early warnings.

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{"id":19231386,"title":"Tornado Survivor Made It to Shelter Just in Time","duration":"2:23","description":"Residents of Moore, Okla., had minutes to take cover before disaster struck.","url":"/GMA/video/oklahoma-tornado-video-2013-twister-survivor-made-shelter-19231386","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}