Olympian Simone Biles Opens Up About Taking Time Off on 'GMA'

The Olympic gold medalist discusses why she's taking a year off from training.
3:15 | 09/07/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Olympian Simone Biles Opens Up About Taking Time Off on 'GMA'
Back now with olympic superstar Simone Biles fresh off winning five medals at the Rio games. Captured our hearts. Give them that smile. Give them that smile. Look at that. Oh, getting ready to turn the page and start an exciting new chapter. Great to have you here. We were watching you from afar. Have you been able to really just enjoy the moment and all the things that are coming your way? Yes, it's definitely exciting and I'm always gone from home. But it's very exciting and it's an honor. You said you're going to take the year before it's difficult. I know you're going to tour with your other teammates but to take the year off because it's very hard. When you train, you want to be 100% there. Exactly. It's hard to do that with everything going on. Yes, exactly so to travel and train there's just no way I can do 100% so a break is needed. Yeah, break is needed. You mentioned home. Boy, had a little homecoming for you in "H" town. What was that like for you. It was so crazy. For some reason I thought I was going to come home like a couple people at the airport and all of Houston came and it was just crazy but I love them. That was the escort. How they got you home, right? That's my mom's car in my neighborhood. Just like us. Just like us. Oh, that's wonderful but then you get to meet beyonce. The selfie with Kim Kardashian. It was crazy. All those things. Do you want to pinch yourself sometimes? Is it like a dream in yes, it is because you dream of these things for so long and then it happens and you're like, wow, like what else do I want now? Oh, but, you know, you dream but you worked really hard. You worked really hard and so that's wonderful that you're able to enjoy it like you are and it's so great that you're going to own your own story and write your own story in a book that's coming out in November. "Courage to soar." Can you tell us about it. It's an autobiography and comes out in November so I'm super excited and it's on preorder now so I hope everyone goes to get it but it's about my life so they hear it from me. That's what's very important to you because you know as much as you love social media things can be said but I love how you're taking ownership and have a wonderful story with your parents and family and you're going to say it in your words. Yes. That's the way it should be. We know a little something and Michael gave it away upstairs. You talked to Amy robach you said about a little something about is have. Let's take a look at what you told Amy. After every meet I have pizza. We know you love pizza, we'll have a big pizza party right here in times square for you. Well, we live up to our promises. We are going -- I think Tom Bergeron went out. We have a pizza party and look at -- oh, Michael is bringing out the pizza. Laurie. I just love you. Thank you. We were upstairs. I saw food and I love to eat. Go ahead. Oh, wow, look at it there. You guys are so cute. You have to have a slice. You have to have a slice before we can have a slice. And I'm really hungry. Right now? Right now. It's okay. You can take yours up so I can have a slice.

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{"id":41908883,"title":"Olympian Simone Biles Opens Up About Taking Time Off on 'GMA'","duration":"3:15","description":"The Olympic gold medalist discusses why she's taking a year off from training.","url":"/GMA/video/olympian-simone-biles-opens-taking-time-off-gma-41908883","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}