Olympic Games 2012: Gold On The Beach And Track for USA

Bill Weir reports on the latest wins for the U.S. at the London Olympics.
3:00 | 08/09/12

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Transcript for Olympic Games 2012: Gold On The Beach And Track for USA
These two have been kicking sand in the face of all comers for a generation. And kerri puts it away. Reporter: And in the shadow of parliament last night, the may-treanor/walsh jennings reign ended. Three-peat olympic gold. Reporter: Hugs in the stands. A little lmfao dance. For a third time, they're golden and they know it. Meanwhile, it was the biggest american hour the track in 20 years. It began when allyson felix came thundering down the 200-meter stretch. Allyson felix gets the gold. Reporter: Twice the silver bridesmaid, she's finally the golden bride. In the hurdles, jason richardson beat the world with a one-two punch. The bride of gulfport, mississippi, brittany reese leaped into the first long jump goal since jackie kersey in 1988. We all had emotional investment in the 400-meter hurdle run of lashinda davis. He was up set when he told her kids he lossed. Another moment when sara atta became the first woman to compete in track and field for saudi arabia. A country that doesn't allow girls in phys-ed or women to attend sporting events. The crowd loved her. She finished way behind the winner in the 800 meters. Imagine if our dream team was beaten in basketball by iceland. Such is the magnitude at the upset at hand ball as iceland was beaten by hungary yesterday. Hand ball is why many people in iceland get out of bed every day. You understand, the joy of the hungarian coach, who throttled one of his players. And then, got in the circle of happiness to do the elaine dance from "seinfeld." And pushing him in 200 meters, we have american wallace spearman. And my long, lost cousin, warren weir. You can see by the slight resemblance, he is of the jamaican sprinting weirs. Even though we've never met, I'll be rooting with him, along with my other cousin, johny, of the ice skating weirs. That's quite a family tree, bill. What have you done for the family name lately? I do the 16-ounce curls. I like it. Bill weir, thanks. Live in london for us. Josh, over to you.

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{"id":16965347,"title":"Olympic Games 2012: Gold On The Beach And Track for USA","duration":"3:00","description":"Bill Weir reports on the latest wins for the U.S. at the London Olympics.","url":"/GMA/video/olympic-games-2012-allyson-felix-misty-treanor-kerri-16965347","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}