Food Secrets of the Olympic Stars

Dietitian Keri Glassman reveals the unusual foods athletes eat to stay in peak shape.
3:28 | 07/30/12

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Transcript for Food Secrets of the Olympic Stars
Since straining had made the teen teen USA the very best in the world ever wonder what he's allowed at least athletes beat the saint -- Saving -- for the whole Lotta food Lexus and a whole lot about usual. Tell us their Olympic secrets are told by registered dietitian and founder of the Christmas -- meals -- is great to have you back yeah. -- -- Who is a lot of -- that was not just -- again and the yeah the -- He reopened the average American man -- -- not -- -- but needs about 2000 calories a day. The average Olympic -- exactly is eating I'm out how many calories you think -- Oh gosh I don't know I don't think I'm out yeah. Do you think this metal doesn't like gaining weight there obviously we're -- a -- -- yes. Basic nutrition they -- burning so many calories during their workout than their training they need to refuel at these calories of a pound of pot that -- a whole pizza and that's an exit at my ice cream about exactly how did. Did you ever -- like. I mean -- -- and handed out of the Olympic athlete but we feel Lott and it -- we didn't eat more because we're burning so much want to make policy. To make me feel like an Olympian effort for this -- -- -- for -- a little blues. At Sierra think all athletes have their routines their regiment that things they followed him guilty on Blake's -- eat eat. -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm many think about -- and the great -- -- good but not the Israeli and 16100 calories from carbohydrates quick. Easy -- also a lot of cast him to help prevent muscle cramping our hands now and John -- important. He visits his -- not here it's -- it's it's. -- tiny cache server and it's most simple form easily as he also does not have low blood sugar so it's -- energy for him when -- -- out. And it's just plain -- tiny but we don't think -- duties Melton is often makes it that shocked. So it all behind bars that's a little accident that he could barely opposite like -- would make these -- but now I guess it let me start with our -- Anyway this thing a lot of these athletes are consuming -- -- that yeah. Yeah and what it's known -- and its Sunni Derek it's loaded with public nitrate compound. That helped the -- use oxygen a little bit better this is -- there are very popular very popular yeah. Have to recover after they have worked out they've done other things they have the time they have -- and his. See that -- in these. A lot of sodium and potassium -- -- so they need to replenish and then -- like this week take that many of those sports drinks. So people just loaded with -- -- that help prevent it. Another round -- -- one of the man or not but now it's -- The -- Portland covering. Up. Yeah not bad -- kind of -- it is -- neck -- back you know. I'm yeah. You don't -- another difficulty me. And then we don't know mess up the beaches -- Audience -- when it. -- -- Robert yeah -- me -- didn't have great yeah yeah. Yeah. I'm definitely team format recovery and yeah. -- That's a good way to recovery. Proportionate to recovery. I've learned a lot to think about that Washington in an -- it's definitely is all right Gerri thank you very nice kid.

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{"id":16886161,"title":"Food Secrets of the Olympic Stars","duration":"3:28","description":"Dietitian Keri Glassman reveals the unusual foods athletes eat to stay in peak shape.","url":"/GMA/video/olympic-games-2012-food-secrets-athletes-dietitian-keri-16886161","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}