Olympic Games 2012: Kerri Strug on Team USA Gymnastics

The gold medalist discusses gymnastic events at the London Summer Olympics.
2:13 | 07/30/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Olympic Games 2012: Kerri Strug on Team USA Gymnastics
Josh? Speaking of 1996, we turn to 1996 gold medalist, kerri strug. So famous for sticking the landing on the injured ankle and having a nation to rise up to supporter. Good morning to you. I know you watched it as jordyn wieber sat stunned when the scores came across. When you were watching and you know what she's feeling, what were those moments like for her? Well, you know, it was disappointing she didn't advance to the all-around finals. However, she's going to help team usa hopefully win gold tomorrow night. We're looking forward to the u.S. Doing extremely well. What is the team dynamic now? Because jordan has to rally around the team. They have to pull together. Well, jordyn is a phenomenal athletes. It goes to show you, here at the olympic games, anything is possible. She didn't have the competition of her life this the prelims. She can come back in the team finals. Meanwhile, the women now, they get set trying to bring home the first gold since 1996. How do you think they'll do? This women's team is phenomenal. They're mentally so tough. Physically fit. So much depth. They're leading the russians by over a point and half going boo the finals. We're expecting great things from them. The men's team finals are today. They looked good in qualifying. How about that chances? They surprised us all. We're so excited for them. Hopefully, they're going to go to the top of the medal podium as well. So -- you know, same thing for the women. They have to stay focused on their routines, do what they know best, what they've done this training, rally around each other. It's looking fine for team usa in the gymnastics arena. Lots of stuff to look forward to on both sides. Kerri strug,ppreciate the time. Well, thank you very much. Go team usa. And still to come, "the play of the day.

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{"id":16885550,"title":"Olympic Games 2012: Kerri Strug on Team USA Gymnastics","duration":"2:13","description":"The gold medalist discusses gymnastic events at the London Summer Olympics.","url":"/GMA/video/olympic-games-2012-kerri-strug-interview-team-usa-16885550","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}