Olympic Games 2012: Individual Swim Competitions

Summer Sanders discusses the opportunities for individual gold in London.
2:28 | 07/30/12

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Transcript for Olympic Games 2012: Individual Swim Competitions
And three chances for u.S. Gold in individual swimming competition. "Gma" contributor and yahoo! Analyst, summer sanders, joins us with a look at the chances. Good to see you again, summer. Let's start with ryan lochte. He has a chance to redeem himself today in the pool. And redeem himself. He swam well last night in the 4 by 100. It came down to who had more guts in the last leg. He'll ben the pool for the 200 freestyle final. He'll have tough competition from china. He has a killer finish to his race. That will be tough competition for him. I don't expect him to win the gold. I do expect him to make the podium. He'll do just fine. Let's talk about the women this the pool. Pair of americans. One we know a great deal about, missy franklin. And somebody we don't know much about. Both have good chances today? Yes, missy franklin, we love her -- she's 17 years old. I watched her in the prelims last night. I think I spotted a smile on her face before she hopped into the pool. She seems to be taking it in stride and remembering the why she is so good because she fell if love with the sport of swimming. She'll have stiff competition from an australian girl. She said flat out, she's not scared of it. She's not afraid to race. She'll have to do that tonight. Rebecca sony has a killer last 50. And bree larson, started swimming her senior year in high school, three years later, she's an olympian. We have to talk about dana vollmer one more time. Qualifies for the 2004 games, does not for 2008, then comes back four years later. What a comeback kid she is. I know, and somebody who persevered. She took the failure, as she said, in 2008, and brought it forward to 2012. She credited everything to her family, her mom, her dad, and her husband. That gave her the support to continue on the quest for individual gold. We're so happy for her. Thank you, summer. We'll check back with you from time to time. Good to see you. And now, amy robach has the

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{"id":16884721,"title":"Olympic Games 2012: Individual Swim Competitions","duration":"2:28","description":"Summer Sanders discusses the opportunities for individual gold in London.","url":"/GMA/video/olympic-games-2012-summer-sanders-individual-swim-competitions-16884721","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}