Olympic Games 2012: Track and Field Star Makes History

Dan O'Brien discusses the double-amputee South African racer, Oscar Pistorius.
3:00 | 08/04/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Olympic Games 2012: Track and Field Star Makes History
From swimming to the next phase of the olympics. Track and field begins today. And history has already been made this morning, when oscar pastorious, the double-amputee, called the blade runner, qualified for the semifinals just hours ago. We heard that from jeffrey kofman. For this and other athletes to watch, let's bring in world medalist, dan o'brien, who is also a sports analyst at the summer games. Good morning. Thanks for joining us. Good morning. My pleasure to be here. What a moment for oscar. It's been such a feat for him to participate in these games. How is it going for him? You know, oscar's been making history for years. He became a very controversial athlete, just prior to these olympics, when michael johnson said, there's a paralympic games. That's where oscar should be running. Not at the able-bodied games. He is well-known in the track community. And he's a legend for paralympic athletes. Who are the american track and field stars to watch here? I think right away, the women's 100 meters has a chance to make history. Carmalita jetter is going to be one to watch. And shawn jaret, not finishing in the 100 meters. In the decathlon side, an event I know very well, ashton eaton has a chance to continue in the decathlon. Women's sprinting, the decathlon. And look for young faces if the men's triple jump. Will clay, christian taylor, could come away with medals there. It's all about track and field for team usa. We can't talk about track and field, without talking about the fastest man in the world, usain bolt from jamaica. What can we expect from him today? Mystery shrouds usain bolt. He has a posse around him. Rumor has he's not 100%. But I don't think it matters. Everybody will be watching him run. Hehe's t biggest star at these games. Can he run 100%? Johannes blake is the best jamaican right now. I'm not sure the americans can contend with them. But if there is an american who can, I think it will be justin gallon. He comes up with big performances when he needs them. We appreciate your time this morning. Thanks for joining us. Glad to be here. With her cute nickname and a

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{"id":16928297,"title":"Olympic Games 2012: Track and Field Star Makes History","duration":"3:00","description":"Dan O'Brien discusses the double-amputee South African racer, Oscar Pistorius.","url":"/GMA/video/olympic-games-2012-track-field-star-makes-history-16928297","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}