Olympic Games 2012: Women's Soccer Defeats Team Canada in Semi-Finals

Julie Foudy discusses team USA's big win to advance to the gold medal match.
3:00 | 08/07/12

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Transcript for Olympic Games 2012: Women's Soccer Defeats Team Canada in Semi-Finals
But let's be honest. There's so much to discuss. And it has nothing to do with winning a gold medal. At least not yet. With more on the semifinal for the ages, joining us now, espn analyst, olympic gold medal winner, julie fouty. I've thought about the question too many times to count. When we look back at what we saw yesterday, how do you put it into words? I don't know about you, josh. And I can only imagine where the players are. I thought after having lived through the quarterfinal game of the women's world cup last summer, when abby wambach scored the now-famous header, I thought there's no way a game can get better than that one. Last night was something special. An instant classic, we're talking about. And the way they did it. Three, separate times coming back. And once again, showing america, how incredibly resilient this team is. And a lot of people are familiar with the name you just mentioned, ay wambach. But there was megan ropino, every time the women are doing something good, she is doing something good. And of course, alex morgan, coming of age yesterday. And those are two players, young players, that are the future stars of this team. Megan scoring the first two goals to bring them back in the game. And then, alex morgan, after having scored two goals in her first game here in france, having a lot of missed opportunities. But had been assisting on goals. Had been dangerous. She hadn't put it away. What confidence for a 23-year-old to step up in the biggest of moments, in the 123rd minute, to actually finish it off for the united states. It's remarkable. Her 20th goal this year, josh. And of course, you look at the 123rd minute. The latest goal scored in olympic history, men's or women's. Now, we look ahead. It's hard to believe that yesterday was just prologue to what now sets up for the american women. This is a rematch of the world cup final. Won by japan last summer. U.S./Japan, take two. Who do you like? I think you have to take the united states. Even with the emotional fatigue they'll come off this game with. As players, when you lose a game like they did in the world cup in the final, that's gut-wrenching. They have been thinking about this, this rematch. Getting to this point. And the fact they get japan, they are loving it. They are loving it, indeed. Twitter, you can come out, now. It is safe. The game's over, at least for another day.

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{"id":16945982,"title":"Olympic Games 2012: Women's Soccer Defeats Team Canada in Semi-Finals","duration":"3:00","description":"Julie Foudy discusses team USA's big win to advance to the gold medal match.","url":"/GMA/video/olympic-games-2012-womens-soccer-defeats-team-canada-16945982","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}