Inside Team USA Ice Dancing

Meryl Davis and Charlie White helped USA score bronze in the team competition.
3:00 | 02/10/14

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Transcript for Inside Team USA Ice Dancing
and Charlie white. Wow, the dancing pair on the ice, grabbing the bronze and winning the hearts of Americans all around the world. Amy, good morning to you again. That's right, good morning to you, Lara. Good morning, everyone. Overnight, Meryl Davis and Charlie white have become fan favorites. Now, they're heavily favored going into their own competition next week. Dorothy, Brian, Scott, all won glory. All competed in singles. This year, the u.s.'s best hope to strike gold rests with the duo of Meryl Davis and Charlie white. Yesterday, they twirled their way to first place, helping the U.S. Win a bronze if the first ever team competition. This program got better and better as they went on. It's fun when you can come from behind and win a medal. And, you know, I think we were able to do that by going out and skating for each other. Reporter: They've won the U.S. Nationals six times. They're the reigning world champions. This week end, they won more fans with their thrilling performances. Charlie and Meryl, as of now, are the only shoo ins to be on the podium here in sochi for the Americans. They play the part. They have a lot to back that up. Reporter: Davis and white are not taking chances. Hiring "Dancing with the stars" Derek hough to help give them an edge. The master of the mirrorball raved about their performance on instagram writing, congrats to the American team and of course, Meryl Davis and Charlie white. No wonder they're so in sync. They grew up minutes apart from Michigan and have been skating together for 17 years. Each attends the university of Michigan. The U.S. Has never won ice dapsing at the olympics. Next week, Davis and white hope to twirl their way into the history books. All eyes are certainly be on Meryl and Charlie. And guys, I know your eyes are fixed on this sweater. That's right. I'm wearing the official Ralph Lauren sweater designed for the U.S. Team opening ceremonies. I'm not kidding when I say this. I'm told this is the last one in the world. And at last check, these were going for $3,000 a piece on E bay. They say I have to give it back. It looks great. The entire team, the way they've dressed them. Looking good! You do have to give it back. You look so cozy. It's like 60 degrees over there. You don't need the big sweater. It just looks good. She looks fabulous. As do our athletes. We want to give a great, big, "Gma" welcome to our special kriter for the olympics, olympic figure skating medalist Sasha Cohen. We welcome you. I'm so honored and into ed and excited to be a part of this team and to keep America posted. Want to talk about the team skati skating. We all loved it. It's given us the opportunity to watch so much more of it. How big of an impact do they have on your sport and the game? I think it's huge. We all love watching the gymnastics team event. You get to know the athletes. It's not Gracie against Ashley. They're competing with each other, trying to get a medal for the team for the U.S. It's like a preview of seeing what you have to expect later on in the games. As an athlete, it must be great to get the willies out. It is. To get the one chance to do that. It's not your individual event. This is shocking to you. There's controversy in skating, olympic skating. I know, but they're saying that the Russian team and the American team are if cahoots to help each other in various competitions. Any truth to that? I don't think there is any ground to that. If you look at the events. Charlie and Meryl were so far above everyone else. Their scores were completely justified. They were just incredible. And overall, the Russian team have the strongest overall package of skaters. They clearly deserved to take home the gold. If those are the things they're saying, it makes no sense. It was clearly what they deserved. If they had been falling all over the ice and still one, maybe. That would have been a clue. I hope it's not true. Because yulia lipnitskaya and Gracie will be great. It the fun to see the preview. Everyone else got to get their feet wet. Yu Na. That's why she's here. Thank you so much. We're going to turn it over to George now. Now to the man starring

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{"id":22440386,"title":"Inside Team USA Ice Dancing","duration":"3:00","description":"Meryl Davis and Charlie White helped USA score bronze in the team competition.","url":"/GMA/video/olympic-medal-count-2014-inside-team-usa-ice-22440386","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}