How Did This Olympic Runner Become a Las Vegas Escort?

Suzy Favor Hamilton, three-time Olympic middle-distance runner, had a secret double-life as a call girl.
4:32 | 09/11/15

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Transcript for How Did This Olympic Runner Become a Las Vegas Escort?
Now to that former olympic athlete leading a remarkable double life. Wife and mom at home, high-priced call girl in the hotels of Las Vegas. Track star Suzy favor Hamilton is speaking out for the first time, "20/20" anchor Elizabeth vargas here with her story. Suzy favor Hamilton was the golden girl who ran like the wind. Nationally ranked in high school, recruited by 200 colleges to run she broke so many records and won so many titles they named the college big ten athlete of the year after her. Everyone thought she was olympic gold except Suzy. Running fueled Suzy favor Hamilton's rise to fame. Suzy favor is the winner. Reporter: Amassing magazine covers, endorsements and one award after another. I had achieved something that nobody else had done at that time. I won nine ncaa titles. Reporter: Married to her college sweetheart mark Suzy's storybook life seemed unstoppable until having her olympic dreams dashed in Barcelona then again in Atlanta and in Sydney in the 2000 gapes. She just lost it. I felt the whole entire world was watching me. Reporter: Her shot at redemption and glory falling apart on live television. And that dream of having an olympic medal was gone and thn. No one else injured. Serena Williams takes the court this afternoon looking to move one step closer to history playing in the semifinals at the U.S. Open just two wins away from a grand slam. Rained out yesterday. Everybody was so having to play today. You know who will be around later? Billie Jean king is going to be here. Look forward to that. The legend. The legend, you're right about that. We begin this half hour with theestn O former tennis star James Blake who was mistaken for crimil and tackled by police officers in new he received a personal apology from New York's police commissioner and we're also seeiorng F the first time the man the officers thought they were after.ab C'so gite nibezs I here with the very latest. Good morning. Reporter: Good morning to you. This is one of the most high-profile cases of mistaken identity and thiszoloft led to a drastic reversal. I was so outgoing like over the top outgoing. Reporter: Outgoing enough to suggest an unconventional 0th wedding anniversary in las Vegas. A day of skydiving followed by an evening for the couple with a call girl. It felt like I was living life and I kind of felt like, why isn't everybody else doing this? Why isn't everybody living life to the fullest? Reporter: Within months the need to feel that euphoric high sends Suzy racing back to Vegas for more sexual encounters and ultimately to become an escort herself. How do you then make the jump to I will get paid for sex? That was that lightbulb moment in my head, wow, why shouldn't I get paid for sex? Reporter: Balancing her life as a sports motivational speaker, Suzy pours her competitive spirit and olympian's drive into her call girl alter ego Kelly Lundy. One day had run a half marathon in the morning in a different state, hopped on an airplane, got to Vegas, had five appointments. Reporter: When you say five appointments -- ? Five different clients. Reporter: Running at full speed her double life comes crashing down when a reporter discovers her secret. This will happen. It happened. She was discovered. The story broke nationally. It was huge news. But it did spark finally her going to a doctor and she was diagnosed as being bipolar, mental illness that runs in her family. Her brother committed suicide after suffering if bipolar and a doctor found out the antidepressants she had been given were fueling the manic episodes leading to her life -- Her husband knew about this the whole time. Her husband knew abouting everything. He was trying to protect the young daughter. Felt like he couldn't do anything. Was going to divorce her at the end when it finally hit the news, but stuck by her and they're trying to work it out. He's quite a man. Many people watched know who she is from her olympic -- Hugely famous. Exactly and you just never know -- you never know what somebody is facing, their challenges. An athlete, all that anxiety and insecurity she never enjoyed any of those races. Just an incredible story. You can see much more, full hour on "20/20" at 10:00 eastern on ABC. Coming up the latest on that

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{"duration":"4:32","description":"Suzy Favor Hamilton, three-time Olympic middle-distance runner, had a secret double-life as a call girl. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33681342","title":"How Did This Olympic Runner Become a Las Vegas Escort?","url":"/GMA/video/olympic-runner-las-vegas-escort-33681342"}