Olympics 2012 Preview: Opening Ceremony

Bill Weir on what's expected as 2012 London Olympics begin.
4:21 | 07/27/12

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Transcript for Olympics 2012 Preview: Opening Ceremony
So the olympics are here, we're really, really excited about it. We're hearing so much. But there's a lot we haven't been hearing going on over there. Thankfully we have a man following each and every lead over the pond, joining us live from london with the mother of all olympic updates. He is, the one, the only, abc's bill weir. Bill, how are you, my man? I am loving the audience response. That is energy I'm feeling across the atlantic. Thank you, people. I'm great. Top of the morning. It's great to be with you. Opening ceremonies about to kick off shortly. I'm not going to spoil it for anybody. But we found some crazy stuff going on here. First you got to understand, our friends, the brits, their famously stiff upper lips have been swinging, it's like a case of severe polar schizophrenia. They go from times of supreme confidence to times of dire pessimism. They think they'll never build a stadium here in this blighted section of london. There it is, they feel good about themselves then the security guards don't show up. They're riding this roller coaster of emotion. But this morning, everybody across england, all of the people with church bell, with hand bell, they were going to ring in the moment 12 hours before the start of the game after seven years of work. Jeremy hunt, who is second of state for cultured olympics media and sport was holding a press conference talking about no matter what happens in london, if something go as miss, we will rally together and make it good. Then he started to ring the bell. Oh! Oh! . It's like a monty python. They couldn't have written that any better. The timing of it is brilliant. So I've been meeting with people on the streets. Streets are packed with folks who have traveled many a mile to come to this amazing global village here. A lot of americans having a tough time to get tickets. We'll get that that later on "world news" and "nightline." But the man who showed the most dedication is a gentlemen from china. A farmer by the name of chen guanming. At the beijing games, someone said why don't you come to our game in four year, he said okay, then got on his bike, then spe the next three years, peddling across dozens of countries in the three-wheeled rick shaw. He rode that bike across pakistan for crying out loud. In freezing temperatures in the snow of turkey. In thailand. He got visas. He finally showed up and doesn't have a way to get into any eve events. So he may up watching it from a pub. Oh, no. Hey, get in line, cheng. And finally, you remember basher the don cheatle character in the "ocean" movies. He spoke with a cock slang. They're saying something they don't no what they're saying. But the athletes are learning the sample. Would you like some john teas with your uncle, fred or just a bit of mother. Would you want some tea with uncle fred or just a bit of -- now, the translation for that is, would you like some cheese with your bread or just a bit of butter. What does john clees have to do with it? It rhymes with cheese. Trust me I try to figure it out. You can join bill tonight there london. And first interview with michelle obama leading the delegation at the olympics.

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{"id":16872354,"title":"Olympics 2012 Preview: Opening Ceremony","duration":"4:21","description":"Bill Weir on what's expected as 2012 London Olympics begin.","url":"/GMA/video/olympics-2012-preview-opening-ceremony-torch-relay-16872354","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}