Russia's Adelina Sotnikova Takes Gold Despite Stumble

Amy Robach has all the latest Olympic news from Sochi.
3:00 | 02/21/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Russia's Adelina Sotnikova Takes Gold Despite Stumble
controversial night at the iceberg skating palace. The hometown crowd cheering on its skater but millions worldwide crying foul. An unbelievable upset now sending shock waves around the world. Listen to this pro-russian crowd. Reporter: Even after this major stumble Russia's Adelina sotnikova took home the gold dethroning South Korea's yuna Kim despite her seemingly immaculate performance. A performance for the ages. Reporter: The unexpected outcome prompting nearly 100,000 people per minute to sign a petition online overnight demanding an investigation. The now roughly 1.5 million petitioners outraged two of the skating judges reportedly have Russian ties. One said to be married to the director of the Russian figure skating federation. Another previously suspended after trying to fix an event in the 1998 games. Meanwhile, American skating superstar Gracie gold nearly perfect except for this. A tough tumble tossing her into fourth place and teammate Ashley Wagner all smiles after a dazzling seventh place skate. And another icy upset in n'womes hockey. Shot, score. The gold medal to Canada. Reporter: Team usa suffering a heartbreaking loss in overtime, a miracle on ice moments just inches out of reach. And the puck goes down and hits the goalpost. Reporter: Up by one, team usa hitting the post on the open net then this. Scores. Reporter: With 54 seconds on the clock, Canada ties it, winning in overtime. We didn't train as hard as we should for second place. Reporter: While up in the mountains American favorite Maddie bowman soaring to the first ever gold medal in women's ski halfpipe. And now let's get to the latest news and we have to salute the women's hockey team. What an incredible run to silver and the U.S. Olympic committee is honoring them by naming Julie Chu flag bearer for the closing ceremonies. It is so well deserved and the men's team, by the way is after revenge now. Taking on team Canada in the hockey semifinals, the puck drops in just a few short hours. And we will be watching the mountains at Rosa khutor when Mikaela shiffrin goes for a slalom gold. She's taking three of the six world cup races, she says she uses visualization to prepare for races and for the slalom, she tells us she's been picturing herself on the podium. We will have to see if that picture comes to life. Guys, I am picturing myself back in New York City very soon, so hope to see you there. Robin. You've been doing a great job there, Amy, we'll welcome you home with open arms. Back with you in just a moment.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Amy Robach has all the latest Olympic news from Sochi.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22614347","title":"Russia's Adelina Sotnikova Takes Gold Despite Stumble","url":"/GMA/video/olympics-2014-russias-adelina-sotnikova-takes-gold-stumble-22614347"}