Will Online Orders Make It in Time for Christmas?

At least one major retailer cannot promise orders will be delivered by the 25th.
2:59 | 12/23/11

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Transcript for Will Online Orders Make It in Time for Christmas?
Retailers. -- wild few weeks for big stories with so much money being spent. But online shoppers at least one big box retailer best buy cannot promise that all its orders will be delivered in time for the holiday. Are weakening European poetry games here with more Cisco -- its break everybody's spending British can't get it gives everyone you've got -- Gibson time in the -- thinks a lot of people are still waiting to get those. It's online. There are many benefits online shopping convenience no crowds some great deals. -- there is a few reasons why we retailers -- heavily promoted days like Cyber Monday and Green Monday and why whopping 47% of us did all of our holiday shopping online. But there's one downfall while you may walk -- with great deals you don't walk away with your purchase in hand. Something many best buy shoppers are regretting this person's. His best buy this year's grinch. With just two days until Christmas a bombshell from the nation's biggest electronics retailer not all of there online -- -- are going to make it in time for Christmas. There business has been so big this year they say they just can't fill all of those orders. So that iPod laptop or flat screen TV -- ordered -- may not make it in time to go under the tree. In a statement best buy said we are very sorry for the inconvenience this has caused and we have notified the affected customers. And if you didn't order from best buy you're not totally in the clear. Those overnight southern storms in western blizzards are wreaking Havoc on shipping schedules. FedEx is warning that there may be some package delays out in the west. And behind the scenes at UPS headquarters. Teams of meteorologists are working around the clock to stay one step ahead of the storms. I would say everybody's in good shape to get their packages from UPS this here. And if you have been shipped yet you still can it will just cost you if you send a five pound package from New York to LA tomorrow. UPS and FedEx say it will get there by Christmas -- but you'll pay around a 140 dollars. It exchange your gift will get a ride on a couple of the 549. UPS jets it will be scanned around 23 times while -- rides some of the 155. Miles of conveyor belt. -- the monster hub of renewable eventually catching a final list on one of the 93736. Trucks buzzing around the globe. All before it makes that final stop under your tree. Now so far there's been no word from best buy -- possible compensation or reimbursement for the affected customers ask for the customers don't think that most of them will be so forgiving just because it is a holiday season. Forms for outraged shoppers have splattered online -- some of the most common words include thieves boycott and scams there a lot of unhappy people. And I went online last night look at a couple of guests have been mailed several hundred dollars -- shifting means more than the kids are probably only do they more than against.

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{"id":15219700,"title":"Will Online Orders Make It in Time for Christmas?","duration":"2:59","description":"At least one major retailer cannot promise orders will be delivered by the 25th.","url":"/GMA/video/online-orders-make-time-christmas-15219700","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}