Winfrey Dishes on Upcoming Kimmel Appearance

OWN founder previews her rare late-night TV appearance after the Academy Awards.
4:56 | 02/24/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Winfrey Dishes on Upcoming Kimmel Appearance
-- -- -- -- -- When Pope broad needs Jimmy Kimmel we'll. Somehow live your best line -- on a whole new meaning. I had admired Jimmy for a long time and so I was excited to be asked and actually. We arranged my whole schedule in order to it to be able to have a little fun with it. -- joins another all star cast this year. George town and -- just to name a few. And -- -- -- -- -- could -- become the event television on Oscar night. He's wearing -- banks. TV that Condo resign -- I haven't lost. Physical beauty -- -- -- -- -- And for -- it's really sort of stepping out of the box and you know this Oscar night thing is so huge it's become like a major things up to get asked for that is like cool. Thank you really I am shocked right now I think it don't even know what -- how much did she know about you before you started working I'm guessing things. Pretty good -- she thinks that Jimmy Fallon Jimmy snuck this into one of his studios home I was -- something for us right. Outskirts. Repeat get Oprah the actions don't okay. We're doing AS been on her book club practices -- fight club what's the first rule of fight club. Don't -- Oprah yeah. Only Oprah could throw a punch and find an old friend on the receiving end. Let's in his let me just -- I have not anybody -- happen -- -- -- color purple. And anybody's comfortable. It turns out stoppers it was a play -- yet wow. Very people have been repeatedly beaten by. You can't do it in heels that's for darn sure -- I never tried to find another grant to water and no -- Doesn't follow looks like no no this is not I'm -- Completely out of my -- this dog living out of you're comfort zone over losing a box. I'm really sad things have gone south. Quite the contrary. Whether she's walking on -- with. Tony Robbins on clothes or Josh and with Jimmy -- get news. Oak -- looks like she's living it up. I was just thinking as I was on the floor pummeling someone. This beats sitting in the chairs you know for years highways there and and the studio every day and Oprah Winfrey interviewing people and now every day it's like something new it's -- dangerous. This weekend also features -- Oscar special. With the likes of viola Davis and a special honor from your family. What I believe is the essence of why we're all here. We're all here to help each -- How does it feel to be the recipient of the Jeanne Herschel two minutes it's really wonderful thank you for asking for all -- -- did you get -- Fanatics and they don't know that you'll be the first gene Herschel humanitarian award winner to also be seen beating somebody up that same night. And I'm wondering how that's what what isn't going to do for my image as I was straddle the women pummeling her. No greater usage for -- -- and -- breaking raises over people's head I just thought Steadman is not gonna like this -- it. Everyone else figures to find a lot to enjoy. Including over herself. Will we learn about Oprah from watching her on your show the we've never -- I'm uncle I think we know Oprah has a sense of humor but I don't know that we've seen her go quite this far before it ever. You know the last shuttle for somebody she got nominated for months. Well the solution not doing enough -- but -- an -- You know I ask Jimmy about writing for someone like Oprah he practically came out of his chair he said no -- like Oprah -- Brady was feel it's like he's in a really great 47 a great time they're all gonna have a great time now and we will see a thank you Chris the -- all of Jimmy -- specialist over. Oscars -- the stars Jimmy Kimmel Live. After the Academy Awards. On Sunday.

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{"id":15782640,"title":"Winfrey Dishes on Upcoming Kimmel Appearance","duration":"4:56","description":"OWN founder previews her rare late-night TV appearance after the Academy Awards.","url":"/GMA/video/oprah-winfrey-dishes-oscar-night-jimmy-kimmel-live-15782640","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}