Oprah Winfrey's New Show Aims to 'Fix' Lives

Famous daytime talk host previews 'Iyanla, Fix My Life.'
3:00 | 09/13/12

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Transcript for Oprah Winfrey's New Show Aims to 'Fix' Lives
"gma," oprah winfrey is here to talk about the brand-new show on "own." It's how iyanla's "fix my life." Let's look at the new show. You are a hot mess. Reporter: It's the reality show that cuts to the core. Not on my watch. Reporter: To get to the truth. Who are you? Reporter: It is "iyanla fix my life." A no-holds barred journey. The facecy and faith-focused life coach we first show on kwp the oprah winfrey show" in 1990. Across the street. Reporter: Since then, she has faced tremendous life struggles. Losing her job, her marriage, her wealth, and her own daughter to cancer. She now draws from her own healing process to help others. The minute I gave up the need to be right, the suffering turned into healing. And learning. Reporter: Her mission now is healing. Starting with the show's premiere episode. What scares me the most i iis -- Reporter: The journey of estranged wife, chad johnson. Did you ever raise your hand to him? Never raised a finger. Reporter: Who turns to iyanla to move forward with her life. I'm going to hold on to you because I'm not really sure anybody's really held on to you at the hard moments. Oprah and iyanla join us now. Oprah, already clapping away. I know you're so excited about this. You have written that this is the best show you ever produced on own. Tell us why. It's because -- hi, george. Hi, iyanla. Hi. It's because it has everything that viewers love in a reality show. You know, those jaw-dropping moments. That cause you to -- I can't believe I'm watching this on television. And it also has everything that I love about the power of television. Entertainment, plus aha moments. There's not a show that I've seen to this point, and I've seen about five of them, that you don't come away from them being a voyeur in someone else's life but getting something for your own life. I think that's the best combination of what television does. And so do so many women across the country. We've shown previews to. And their reaction has been just knockout. We've shown it mostly to women. But it's a show for men and women. And iyanla is at her finest. This is her birthday. Happy birthday iyanla. Hey. Happy birthday. You did seem to be having -- this is the moment you were born for, I think. And you can see the power of it. In just that little clip, you see a break through with evelyn right there. It's participatory television. Not only do the guests participate. But there's a chance for the audience to participate. To take notes. That's what makes it different. That's what makes it different. It's a healing process.It's a learning process. It is a loving process. This is a big step for you, as well. We showed some there in the piece. You have overcome a lot of obstacles. Also, you and oprah have had to bring your relationship back together. We are a living demonstration of what it takes to mend a relationship breakdown. We did it publicly. And now, we've been able to move on. In so many places in our society today, people are in relationship breakdowns. Oprah, so many people are excited about this starting on saturday. It seems like own has turned a corner. Let me just say, we have made the pivot. Call it the pivot in our offices. And you know, it's been really an exciting challenge. And I am so really happy to, you know, announce to the world, we have made the pivot. Iyanla is a part of that. She's been my biggest supporter from the very beginning. And when I first saw these tapes, you know, I don't watch a lot of television. But my friend, gayle, does. And so, I said, gayle, take a look at this. And she was talking back to the tv, watching it. And saying, the same thing i thought when I first saw it. Never seen anything like it on television. And I wouldn't be up this time in the morning. That's right. Yo been so busy. I have to ask you what you're down in new orleans for because you've been tweeting out some fantastic photos, oprah. This movie called "the butler," you're working on. Jane fonda as nancy reagan. And allen rickman, on ronald reagan. I'm excited. You're going to bring people inside one of the most historic white house butlers ever. Yes. It's a story about eugene hall. And I play his wife. The character's gloria. And forest whitaker's by husband. And it looks into the life and times of this butler who was in the white house for eight presidents. And it's about looking at the historical happenings during that time, the civil rights movement, the freedom riders. The life of so many people who contributed to the possibility of me being able to sit in this chair today, through the eyes of the butler. It's wonderful. And last night, we had the white house scene with jane fonda as nancy reagan. So, I was up late last night. We love that. You look fantastic this morning. Tell us more about what we should expect from your show? Our show opener is with evelyn lazada, the estranged wife of chad johnson. Evelyn is every woman. She's got a story that many women lived. We want to bring that and the lesson she's learning, the healing she needs, to the "iyanla fix my life" audience. Take notes. That's all taking place on own on saturday. Oprah, we cannot wait. You're going to come to us as a guest host. George, can I say this? Yes. Can I say this, george? People love to hate evelyn lozada. They come away feeling something different at the end of watching that tape. It's really amazing. Saturday and sunday. We're all watching on saturday and sunday. Oprah, thank you very much. See you in a few weeks.

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