Oprah's Favorite Things Moves to 'O' Magazine

"O" magazine's Clarissa Cruz shares gift ideas from the talk show queen herself.
3:11 | 11/18/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Oprah's Favorite Things Moves to 'O' Magazine
Who doesn't love Oprah's favorite things. She -- and did the show blacks over is keeping this holiday tradition -- very much alive in. -- magazine which is -- now with its guide to great gift ideas in this morning we're sharing them with you guys so grab a pad and Paper. These are really good ideas and out Clarissa Cruz. Is fashion features editor and is now going to tell us about some really affordable great gift ideas yes -- and -- team picked up more than seventy great gift ideas and what's great about this -- is that. You get a discount on a lot of them so you save some money and a -- screaming like the idea Harry let's start right here I love these necklaces because they're really -- -- -- of a kind and they also are very inspirational yes this is great for busy mom -- -- just when -- he could be there and their Montrae necklaces you read and post your heart of gold and silver dipped from the dog -- dot com. And it's just it's just a great differs from mom's suit to just for example out of your mind China you're playing Larry -- right now to ring one to think about karma what goes around comes around -- really and I guarantee their 62 dollars the 49 other discount and it both its gold dipped and -- -- -- fantastic. Next up an espresso maker for just cannot let us yes I mean a lot of busy moms just needed jolt of caffeine and -- espresso makers by hunger this only ten dollars. And it looks great on your -- -- -- -- really good gift idea -- oh I know that my friend Robin is obsessed with these the other really wonderful. Gift idea these are portraits of your job yes yes and Oprah loves these as well they're from a lagging -- we're inside com -- they start at seventy dollars and Lee did you spend in a picture of your -- you get back this -- Ireland seventy dollars yes but it and it's a lot of money but it's customs I guess personally special ornaments are a keepsake exactly are right. Coming up I see the wind -- -- his fifth. How does the -- -- a -- involved and it's from our organizational expert Peter Walsh and what he does what he likes to do is fill it with a wines from his native Australia. These are sixteen dollars twelve dollars of their -- great idea and mom. I I've already perhaps -- that I've been trying -- I'm Australia -- or another -- -- Peters takes there its Australian licorice. From olive and -- back come on they're delicious and there are available for the first time Steve side of class I can't say that I haven't been under seven dollars -- -- 27 dollars with a discount yes. I know I can't talk alarm clocks abuses by the way none of -- want these -- yes but you might want one. And really cute colors these are awesome they're my adopted there pick from doctor -- and their alarm -- saint -- look at this they just make animal sounds. The Bronx about like guy has been repealing that has blasting -- goes up the dog. Yes this is really -- you I'm assuming some money -- they've been taught at the hospital changes designed this so it goes back to them so it's really burning really -- twenty dollars on giving up that. These are why else they're -- aren't they -- -- by a six there 120 dollars on zappos.com. And the the really cool thing about them is that you -- Wear socks with them they have a liner in the hands of perforated -- -- -- really quick -- got a super -- all of these gift ideas you can find on our website Good Morning America dot com on Yahoo! mail.

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{"id":14981902,"title":"Oprah's Favorite Things Moves to 'O' Magazine","duration":"3:11","description":"\"O\" magazine's Clarissa Cruz shares gift ideas from the talk show queen herself.","url":"/GMA/video/oprahs-favorite-things-moves-magazine-14981902","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}