Orange Juice Imports Tainted?

FDA finds increased levels of pesticide in imported juice.
0:53 | 01/28/12

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Transcript for Orange Juice Imports Tainted?
You're gone food shopping this weekend we've got to look. Big stories you need to know about first if you're buying -- -- hamburger meat get ready for rising prices really get to that in just a moment but first. ABC's Lisa stark is here with some new worries about Orange juice so -- so what exactly is going on here with orange. It is well it is safe to sit down and drink your orange juice this morning -- according to government health officials but. There's concern -- since the FDA this month has been scrambling to test our orange juice. After reports that a pesticide that is illegal in the US but isn't -- and other countries -- showing up in some of our imported juice. And that pesticide is called carbon does and it's -- in -- for example. And Brazilian imports come here they get mixed with our domestic -- and then they end up on the grocery store shelves. The FDA has now tested -- forty samples of juice. They have found that eleven of those samples are positive five from Brazil six from Canadian manufacturers. They found just Trace amount to very small amounts but this is enough -- to keep the shipments out of the country but -- if this. Pesticide is illegal why shouldn't we be worried about drinking orange -- What FDA is telling us is at that low levels -- -- are so small very very minute Trace amounts much lower. Then at what -- would be concerned with from a health reason but it -- -- a lot of questions again about our imported food supply and what we do and do not know. And by the way the FT -- Isn't even finished with its testing there are at least forty samples more to go. So we'll have to see what they find in those samples that again the OJ is safe to drink this morning -- start thank you for your reporting.

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{"id":15462723,"title":"Orange Juice Imports Tainted?","duration":"0:53","description":"FDA finds increased levels of pesticide in imported juice. ","url":"/GMA/video/orange-juice-imports-tainted-15462723","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}