Oscar Buzz Begins With Poster Debut

The 84th Academy Awards' publicity poster features images from iconic movies.
2:08 | 12/28/11

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Transcript for Oscar Buzz Begins With Poster Debut
We -- -- to -- -- the first if there's a lot. At the official poster of the 84 Academy Awards for the first time in -- And -- She's. All of us and -- porous Julie Andrews and the -- take a look and a listen. Yeah. This is already building about the Oscar contenders. They -- the movies that make such a significant impact in our lives celebrating the stories in all of us. -- -- Sin -- my life. And with that the academy is launching its newest campaigns we want people to celebrate their memories. With us and him that night day are they heroes the icon like -- embracing scarlet in gone with the wind -- should be -- and -- Am -- someone who no -- they are the smiles we get when Julie Andrews sings the blues musical hill. -- -- -- -- -- -- And the godfather of all great lines. -- make an offer he can't refuse they all had impact on an audience around the world. Because the very best part about going to the movies is just like that one guys never know what you're going to get. I. Pattinson didn't. Oscars dot org Sam what do you think you taken a look giant. I think that's run -- to move because yeah great. Gone with the wind. But that's not part is that gladiator gladiator. That's great but let's face it this -- this -- would not be complete. Without that man -- right up -- don't you know Corleone. Again 84 Academy Awards airing Sunday February 267 eastern 4 Pacific right here on ABC let's.

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{"id":15245875,"title":"Oscar Buzz Begins With Poster Debut","duration":"2:08","description":"The 84th Academy Awards' publicity poster features images from iconic movies.","url":"/GMA/video/oscar-buzz-begins-poster-debut-15245875","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}