Oscar Elites Nosh on Wolfgang Puck Dishes at Ball

Governor's Ball guests eat chicken pot pie with truffles, assortment of desserts
5:12 | 02/27/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Oscar Elites Nosh on Wolfgang Puck Dishes at Ball
-- was talking on Friday about Wolfgang Puck and they governor's ball and gave -- a little. Sneak -- -- Cameron mathison got the real deal last night. This is it that glamour the celebration where Oscar night ends at the ultimate party begins. The governor's ball isn't have been for Oscar winners they can. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I did -- It all begins in the kitchen with master chef Wolfgang Puck -- his team of culinary heavyweights -- it may have 15100 miles to -- but just days before the -- game is still shopping for agreements. If you believe they detonate the Mohammed's -- of this baby -- bought tickets bought via I think the meadows played an on -- actually going to be really like it could get that we put it like right on -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Does everybody know -- not bad yeah. Simply -- it's game time. How widow and I'm already added a much sought out and put up an hour went mad at not getting jaded metropolis put up that's my we have that's every now just because -- -- -- It's music show we have this baby here but not to watch or night and home. You know when it got the best the -- Iraq that we better get ready to. When the -- -- she was handed out to Hollywood and highland ballroom instantly becomes the hottest party in -- Ten minute long. Eating behavior the officers from the red carpet to backstage here at the governor's ball -- right now but our work is done -- time. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And with a -- hopeful. Fifty -- this let's. Here to stay -- today. -- zero. I'm excited didn't -- you hungry yet and yet. How -- somebody already. OK all right let's go inside that -- that -- -- -- this is where your food -- how can thank you may have had a dog review out of regulations. But. But it doesn't have dogs live inside the neighborhood -- fast things. Though we've been following you. Preparing for his big -- the big -- here. I think -- -- as -- think if you tell me how long it was a great night everybody loved him and you know what. Everybody is allowed -- -- kids -- great quality and regulations and -- number eighteen number eight game. We have the best the FBI -- -- itself fit into that basement flooded villages each month deployment wasn't. And even drawn -- Illinois in the kitchen but it's okay here's the number nineteen. Next year but more. Who allegedly half after fourteen hours on your feet Wolfgang poached chicken pot pie with truffles. -- -- hit the -- -- -- and now we Kinney -- they are -- credit kind of the past -- -- not hairdressers have been put away. You'll see me in a gym for weeks I've felt it was done another contestant every good work but thank you cameras -- again.

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{"id":15800133,"title":"Oscar Elites Nosh on Wolfgang Puck Dishes at Ball","duration":"5:12","description":"Governor's Ball guests eat chicken pot pie with truffles, assortment of desserts","url":"/GMA/video/oscar-elites-nosh-wolfgang-puck-dishes-ball-15800133","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}