Big Surprises for the 2012 Oscars

ABC's Chris Connelly reports on surprise nominations and snubs.
5:38 | 01/25/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Big Surprises for the 2012 Oscars
Think half hour coming up but first Oscar race officially as you know kicked -- yesterday and there are quite a few surprises they got people buzzing. BC's Chris Connelly has more on the comedians crashing Hollywood's biggest party and the sexy stars who got shut out. -- Oscar nomination day there are no losers just disappointed millionaires. Yesterday's announcements were rich with injury Jonah Hill and money -- The squeals told the story how Jonah Hill has gone from -- -- with mix love and in super -- and you don't make love. To a thank you please drive through from the Oscars in money ball. And bridesmaids mighty Melissa McCarthy who wept with joy when the helps Octavia Spencer when a Golden Globe. Now joins her friend in the supporting actress category two films -- Taylor soldiers bond. And extremely loud and incredibly close -- the academy equivalent of -- ninth inning home run. Ending awards show shut -- with -- last -- nominations to keep their movies going but. There's the snub. No -- -- film nods for Pixar is cars to. Or Steven Spielberg's Simpson no love for Lille were killed -- mean for commerce Sandra in supporting categories. For young adults -- share leads and -- the descendants wonder Shea leave. For Ryan Gosling in that anything Ryan Gosling is it. First the whole sexiest man alive passover. This -- best song just two nominations for Rio in the month. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- all told by the academy sorry you're not on the list. In 1985 that was best actress Sally Field reacting on the Oscar stage. Yesterday -- moments after getting passed over for supporting actor nomination kind of drives Albert Brooks tweeting and to the academy. You don't like me you really don't like me -- Good Morning America Chris -- ABC news Los Angeles. Yeah that's pretty clever against -- -- category they're right here on ABC's Sunday February 26. Check out the full list of all of this year's nominees on our website at Good Morning America dot com on -- that was. Such a -- morning yesterday morning -- in the nominations live on the show.

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{"id":15438136,"title":"Big Surprises for the 2012 Oscars","duration":"5:38","description":"ABC's Chris Connelly reports on surprise nominations and snubs.","url":"/GMA/video/oscar-nominations-2012-big-suprises-15438136","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}