Oscar Nominations 2012: Countdown Begins

Chris Connelly has a preview of the Oscar nominations.
3:03 | 01/24/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Oscar Nominations 2012: Countdown Begins
Now the big count down to the Oscar nominations will have those for you live and just little bits of who is joining the race for gold. ABC's Chris Connelly has a preview. The silent charm and -- in -- elegance of the arts. Classy lady throwback that's anything but you look. Vickers was Julio multi nomination AM fury of a black and white film OK that's a -- against it right there -- -- -- foreign director that's -- against -- it's a silent film it seems like three strikes and you're out but somehow his. Original so inspiring and fresh from the looks of the hill. To the descendants. Britain of the girl with the dragon tattoo the grace of Hugo Scott -- best picture nominees for every size and style. How many will there be that and certainly the new academy formula puts films like bridesmaids on the nomination bubble. A trio grand jury. Bread and Leo are likely to stand Astride best actor but after. Pool -- number five Gary Oldman Woody Harrelson men overboard. Newcomers like the helps Octavia Spencer and Jessica -- stain could get good news. So -- in the main case Merrill imperiled and another best actress loss. Save it for later amazingly when it comes to Oscar nominations that she is sixteen going on seventy. Which reminds. -- analyst Christopher Plummer should hear his name call -- supporting actor favorite. And what about Doug he from the artist gets the academy just doesn't know Jack. -- -- A -- is nine years old which means I think in Hollywood actor score keeping he's mature looking 28.

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{"id":15427485,"title":"Oscar Nominations 2012: Countdown Begins","duration":"3:03","description":"Chris Connelly has a preview of the Oscar nominations.","url":"/GMA/video/oscar-nominations-2012-countdown-begins-15427485","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}