GMA LIVE! (01.16.14)

Jared Leto, Matthew McConaughey and Steve Coogan discuss their Oscar nods on "GMA Live!"
3:00 | 01/16/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (01.16.14)
Ready for some GMA live it all starts now live backstage at GMA. Jerry Atlanta. On the phone just nominated for best supporting actor for his role in Dallas -- buyer's club and -- tell us what it was like this is your first nomination so how personal congratulations. And how are you told about -- not. Like everyone else probably -- from. For. That you educate that we do -- jury duty and get nominated good or bad people that's hysterical there aren't the only in America only in -- -- Have to believe the judge is gonna give you past any time. I'm not -- -- Jared up. He the united Tiffany did disappear into the roles and end this one was quite one to disappear eat into what -- this role specifically media. Both literal -- I had animated film and almost six years and directed strict and bella loved art. -- is -- -- So wonderful that the -- in -- stated he would write very important nominated. And the native best picture. Have fruitless. -- date had been so wonderful to be part of. Jared congratulations also on the Golden Globe when I loved. What you said about your character Rayon. That's got to make it all the more special concert bringing the attention to this the very powerful character. -- it would it would do really incredible -- -- represented this group. People who who is largely Europe soared. That was incredible -- apology iceberg for people were based fifth. For really horrible. -- -- perfect fifth that is that they were fighting the buttons. They are just that this it was nominated for her burden editing and her make up. -- pretty well though Tea Party got here. How gratifying -- it for everybody cheered knowing how long it -- to bring this. Two versions that it took a lot of years of a lot of people believing in this. They did it took about twenty years to get this this -- -- That tiny little -- think you -- four million dollars so -- do. The hard work and -- that the people that don't make. You report yourself and your music career why was this the film and -- the role. That brought you back to the big screen. Well you know over the past six acres -- been touring the planet 32 -- Get more success than we ever -- do is be possible. And that was an incredible things. -- an -- I didn't have but our company. But I thought. You know I should probably make another film because security interpreted. -- -- the -- And I wanted to do what was left the Marines and I'm really grateful that this this beautiful story came my way -- -- -- people do. To bring that -- but why did. Wonderful creatures who who -- you know unfortunately. Addicted to drugs that -- ability didn't. You know fighting for her life. While they. Was a powerful role a powerful performance of the powerful film -- congratulations you go back to bed now I guess -- I'm -- -- Let's -- united. And on the most somebody knows. A bit -- you look at it is on the phone just nominated. -- are rat are rat. Yeah -- -- night literally get it. Out you know how many people are cheering for you Matthew who are so happy for you this morning. Are you know what I can -- -- -- act after they'll -- what good will. You know from -- -- for this movie back. Do so many years to get it may relative for the underdog didn't and now we we've declared -- we've been able to share eight. You know. It's really affect a lot of people who don't and -- -- the good will absolutely. Matthew Bob -- Brewster are not just a little bit ago he talks -- up against you in your category he talked. About the film making process specifically has a Nebraska as a team and and and referred to the -- -- the GM and making other all the players better you -- again relationship especially with -- in in making this movie mean these are two. Signature performances I just feel like we were lucky not to get them in the same -- that like. Well clearly there we didn't really got this moving 25 days. -- basically didn't have more work reproduction in many of the movie -- them because we didn't have time to talk about how to do it on the day. Debate that we are showed up -- -- back we're headed down and went to work in Garrett and I how I met I met Rayon. -- he -- for onlookers every day united -- and they -- doing Gatorade and Matt into the filming was over. -- there really -- style salutation and eliminating taxes go to dinner with anybody -- -- -- I was. But it -- divorce battle as I've ever had in. You know it really gonna help creatively the whole team is a very small crew got it done in new -- Really haven't been here. Hey congratulations I think this is -- I wanna know how did you. A wake up this morning to you -- your -- your -- to the kids telling you how you find out denominated. I want my bio like that -- we got out. About guy -- speed in the announcement came on 530. And then. They're getting 45 45 channels are handling it source we can drill channels would you want to get together and hear -- from -- -- And he chose good morning I actually. We've been dared to save last that we we got -- -- -- got a bit activate Atlantic last wee bit of in the I'm screenplay was -- there best pictures so -- -- really spread out over the. Is that it. And Matthew. I wonder what is it let -- years you you had a long list of great performances but when you hear things like. The the role of a lifetime the best performance today. Personally what does that mean -- you. State media made it means a lot -- that girls don't come along all the topic is down -- if they do come along they don't usually get made. You know in this story of this -- to twenty years give me I knew it was something special. When I read this man black onlookers what you did in the highly original. It was never a story about -- with a story about living. And no there really original way yeah that was then did an anarchy can it at all those that they recovered began at that as an actor. Do you dream of being able to dive into and lateral -- die and you like this. So to embrace it get it done and then to know now that day translating today resonated -- affecting people. That the communication netted actors I know for me that now -- about. JK eleven -- and then -- did not. I'll take you I've got to tell you -- this is Robin you connect with people I saw you at the Golden Globes and -- out taking -- please. Doing autographs just just so wonderful how giving. You've always been and the spirit and it's glad we're all happy that it's coming back so happy I'm back now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- ability -- get away with them down yelling yeah congratulations. The we all feel that way because you. All right Jacqui thank you make -- -- the other can't take care. Nice a word. Do what we do you wanna -- everybody. By the welcome to the female viewers. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah I love tonight yeah yeah. -- -- Yeah yes -- Tom is telling us right now that we Steve Coogan about how do you all do -- may just saying yeah all right and usually you on sale. Lot of art -- -- today but we do have Oscar nominees on Steve's film. He's part of -- Nina. And it was nominated this movie is so beautiful -- -- -- dean Judy Diageo I love the game. Steve well welcome and congratulations congratulations. Really across the board. For a film it does feel like another one of those perhaps it's really gonna get this post nominations. I'll push but what's it like to see that -- -- mean you know up and over and over again tonight. It's it's unbelievable committee I mean this this four years ago when I read an article. The newspaper that I found moving and I wanted the candidates of -- So nearly. -- best adapted screenplay nominee it's really quite tremendous some a lot of people -- you for -- comedy. And that's a very different kind of movie talk about experience. What it was I I I I read this article was get the right through it does not want to welcome to reduce reduce movie is for good behavior can be and then maybe a good news -- sold -- -- all the may be -- became the real thing. And did you have all those Oscar nominations come at a better then all. You may -- making us a picture nomination as well. Just legitimate -- maybe you wave back derive vitamin evil genius. That was but he'd he'd -- think it's. This is that this is difficult. I just wanted to do something that's changed the -- course of myself let's. And to give myself a break. I was fortunate all right people came along I got sick of the best. For the past such -- the world about 53 is valid from best blood in the music. -- -- -- the right. It was like this visit the dream team it was one of those things -- that the perfect storm. Happen. Henry and Steve you let it she's ending her recently you mentioned -- an event she governor -- I may -- in another life I'll get a chance to work there that think it would be that remarkable world war what is it like. -- -- those of us and lucky enough. -- -- -- Harold Goldstein regional financial associates himself he should not I have to say it should do when she's not particularly -- for someone whose titles. Situated in the morning everything should -- -- -- the morning. Just make fun of me in the trailer obviously very broad talks with solid house. In between -- huge -- -- around -- -- positive and of this visit that the profits by heavy Volvo woman she responds. About loss of discovery of about space for the people who do have -- people -- don't have faith. But put him -- -- don't take sole -- -- do is just joked around to have me do destinations. Tomato. It was a really happy happy choose to not change. All of us do what they have defaults and changes -- -- -- show opposite they have like every. -- -- the. Baloney now that you've actually got -- -- Steve again that -- hear all the babies come -- this sort of fruition we're so happy for congratulations Steve. And nausea -- wheels will see an essay on Friday night and I acted in the -- -- Well you're saying it's going to be a great show because these are films that a lot of people have seen him -- in years past in recent years. Big great movies but not the occupants. What you're written a silent movie -- -- picture. It was brilliant but I mean -- a lot of people saw in this Lester was great because -- -- as the real that there were a lot of big hundred million dollar movies. And I remember thinking we won't have that again this year but we do what I mean I've I think maybe not quite as many as last year but. You look at I mean American hustle all of these. -- going to be gravity especially 650. Million dollars around the world. There's a there's a lot of stuff I think the audience is going to be really invested in who wins I also -- Christmas is that this is -- moment away forever you what you. Make sense of all this and chicken scratch on these -- what. What do you themes what do you say if you had the fray -- Judi Dench fooling around on your Oscar lives. Bingo card you we have -- I don't think anybody expected to hear that it's an amazing performance for American -- -- something I'd say. I would've thought -- would have gotten one acting nomination to get three is really -- and I don't know of the tectonic plates have shifted that much in terms of who the favorites are. I still think it's going to be a big night for twelve years of civilians but the way tonight is going to go means we might not here twelve years of -- until. Areas and -- -- what a shame what when I got an idea they'll look peed in young guy from rubbed his plan. I've -- my prediction for best supporting actor you said that even before it secured the nomination she felt that if she gets the nod. That she should get the job she did but that she will win because I'm magic. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. I mean -- it was and I thought I had any dogs Essex County was Julia roberts' best performance. She's better than -- from the to bring it -- leukemia was the -- the Golden Globes all of -- right. Yeah yeah I lived -- traveled -- -- -- first run for -- now Hampshire College bills those Linda that he won. Thousand actresses scene for that role by director Steve McQueen so. Meet her in June Squibb are among the most. Remarkable. The nomination stories that we're gonna hear a lot more about the two. -- -- -- all downhill from there. Right. I don't we have a lot to get to end so we shell and I want to thank actually happen -- think. Justin Chris and Robin Roberts yeah. -- -- -- Yeah. CNN has been high end and eastern tomorrow but only -- -- years old man. What he has done and -- we know yeah.

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