2014 Oscar Nomination Predictions

People's Jess Cagle and Entertainment Weekly's Chris Connelly reveal who they think should get a nod.
3:00 | 01/16/14

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Transcript for 2014 Oscar Nomination Predictions
well, we're not the only ones. Many of you casting your votes all morning long on our website for what movie you think will score the most nominations and we have a tie between "american hustle" and "12 years a slave." Each with 26% of your vote. That is nating there. To predict who the academy will pick we brought in some experts here. We have jess cagle from "people." Congrats on that new title and chris connelly back with us, as well. Aren't you proud. I am. You know what, can I start with jess. Congratulations in your now position. Best actor that's a tough one. Yeah, thanks for starting with that one. I really can't answer. I will tell you, chris and i were just talking about it there are a bunch of big stars who will be snubbed so it'll be interesting to see who else. I think bruce dern from "nebraska," chiwetel ejiofor from "12 years a slave," tom hanks from "captain phillips," matthew McConaughey from "dallas buyers club." That golden globe. And then the last slot, you're looking at a group of people, robert redford, christian bale, leonardo DiCAPRIO, JOAQUIN PHOENIX. Oh, my goodness. You could name more. If you had to pick one, you're on the spot, had to guess. Chiwetel -- the fifth one, I would say leo. I'm going to go christian bale just because it could be for one of two movies. Also, there's a tremendous amount of support for "american hustle" and the academy and I'm not sure about "the wolf of wall street." It's kind of a love it or hate it. Yes. But I thought it was leo's best work. Tough seating if you're the maitre d'. Yeah. Leo has been snubbed before. He has. Got the golden globe. Yep. So I know one -- real indication, what happened tet golden globes -- not at all. Both amy adams and leonardo DiCAPRIO ARE WONDERING IF THEY Will hear their names and they were both winners on sunday. So who is to say?

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{"id":21554888,"title":"2014 Oscar Nomination Predictions","duration":"3:00","description":"People's Jess Cagle and Entertainment Weekly's Chris Connelly reveal who they think should get a nod.","url":"/GMA/video/oscar-nominations-2014-predictions-21554888","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}