Blade Runner Trial Resumes After Two-Week Recess

The defense says eyewitness will contradict the prosecution's account of the murder of Reeva Steenkamp.
6:21 | 05/05/14

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Transcript for Blade Runner Trial Resumes After Two-Week Recess
half hour, the latest on the Oscar Pistorius trial. His trial for the murder of his girlfriend, back under way after 2 1/2-week break. The defense trying to poke holes in the case and Matt Gutman is at the courthouse for us this morning. Good morning, Matt. Reporter: Good morning, robin. The clearest portrait yet of Oscar Pistorius in the frantic moments after he shot reeva steenkamp. Now, the defense is trying to claw back after Pistorius was mauled last month in cross-examination trying to show that his version of events still stands up and that all that emotion we've seen in court is but a fraction of the agony he felt that night. They were the first tortured words out of Pistorius' mouth. Please, please, please, come to my house. I shot reeva. I thought she was an intruder. Please, please, please come quick. Reporter: Uttered by Pistorius, the first person he called the night he shot his girlfriend, the budding reality star reeva steenkamp. Johan stander then rushed to his house. It was a young man walking down the stairs with a lady -- with a young woman in his arms. I could see she had a head wound. Reporter: Stander and his daughter Ka crease testified for the defense in his murder trial. They arrived just minutes after the bullets ripped into reeva, now dying in Pistorius' arms. He was begging me to put her in the car to take her to the hospital. Reporter: In court Pistorius crumpled over weeping. That night she told them they needed towels to stop the bleeding. He was begging reeva to just stay with him and not to leave him. Just stay with me, my love. Stay with me. Reporter: This crime scene photo shows Pistorius as he looked then, blood smeared and vomiting and she thought suicidal. I thought he's going to go and possibly shoot himself. Reporter: In a trial so punctuated by emotion both witnesses broke down on the stand today as they were questioned by the defense team. Mr. Stander, sir, if you're emotional, take your time. Reporter: Stander, whose face wasn't shown on TV, part of the 11 witnesses and clawing back. Today they gave us insight into his psychology after he pulled the trigger, next expect them to turn to his frame of mind before he pulled the trigger. Hammering home the point that this disabled athlete would feel more vulnerable than the rest of us. George. Okay, Matt, thanks. Our legal team, chief legal affairs Dan Abrams and Nancy grace. Let me begin with you, Nancy. We heard Matt that testimony. Highly emotional. Was it effective? Well, I found it to be somewhat effective in that we've all been watching Pistorius cry and vomit and dry heave in the courtroom and they told the judge this is a bench trial, they told the judge he also threw up the night -- the day they got there and they found reeva dead. Now, here's a problem. If you analyze their testimony, aside from all of the emotion, he never said it was a mistake. He never explained to them how it happened, in fact, they seem to be more concerned about Pistorius than they were about reeva steenkamp. While it helped to some degree I still think that the nuts and bolts of the prosecution's case is stronger. And, Dan, how important is it that these witnesses said they didn't hear the fight that other witnesses said they heard. Not that important. I mean they're saying they were asleep, right. I think the most important testimony you've heard so far from this witness today is that another witness may have changed his story. Meaning east earwitnesses are so important, witnesses who hear a fight, followed by the shots, right. The defense is saying that's not the way it happened. Remember, if there was a fight, followed by shots he's in big trouble so you had these earwitnesses who say they heard that fight. You had the witness today say, well, I talked to one of those witnesses at the time and he offered a different account than he offered on the witness stand. That is somewhat helpful and I would argue the most helpful thing we've heard today but still they got a long way to go That's the question. Does this do enough and what more do they need to do to create doubt? I got a question for you guys. Typically you start your case off with a bang, pardon the pun. You try to give them something powerful to start your case with. This is really just getting into the defense case. You know, we've had a two-week hiatus and if the best they've got is this emotional testimony that's not going to carry the day. Oscar Pistorius was the beginning of the case. I mean Oscar Pistorius was that bang. Well, yeah, of course. He didn't do very well. I don't think he did that well on cross. I agree. I think Oscar Pistorius was a problem but, look what do they have? The best thing they could have is a neighbor who doesn't just say I was sleeping and then I woke up and heard this, the best thing they could have is a neighbor who said, no, I heard things in exactly the order that Pistorius claims they were in. I don't think they're going to have that. Well, and, Nancy, that is the point. Something else -- Go ahead. I found something else in his testimony. I was going through it between all of the crying and the snotting and vomiting. He said, I said to reeva, get down. Get down, call police. He was at her eye level reaching down to get the gun out from under the bed on her side of the bed. Who is he talking to? She's not there. I mean, none of his story in my mind fits together and I'm giving you a prediction which I rarely do. I guarantee you I think this judge is going to split it down the middle. She's going to split the baby and come back with guilty on a lesser included. Possible, yeah. I mean the judge could definitely -- I think there's going to be at least a conviction on the lesser included, right, which is this -- culpable homicide there which effectively is manslaughter. It would mean a minimum of no jail time up to 15 years, but, you know, I wouldn't count out the possibility of a stiffer conviction here. I still think that the evidence has been piling up against Pistorius and I think that cross-examination was devastating? Not much of a case from the defense, Dan, Nancy, thanks very much.

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{"id":23587005,"title":"Blade Runner Trial Resumes After Two-Week Recess","duration":"6:21","description":"The defense says eyewitness will contradict the prosecution's account of the murder of Reeva Steenkamp.","url":"/GMA/video/oscar-pistorius-blade-runner-trial-resumes-defense-contradict-23587005","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}