Oscar Pistorius' Lawyers Argue Murder Investigation Was Bungled

Officer originally in charge of investigation describes mishandled evidence, stolen property at the murder scene.
3:00 | 03/15/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Oscar Pistorius' Lawyers Argue Murder Investigation Was Bungled
twist in the blade runner trial. Playing out in a courtroom in South Africa. We've seen an emotional Oscar Pistorius cry and get sick in court. Now lawyers for the olympian are aiming to show the investigation into the killing of model reeva steenkamp was bungled to the max with it taking place right in the middle of murder scene, a theft. Matt Gutman is there. Matt? Reporter: Good morning, Dan and bianna. Every day here behind me in that courtroom dozens of people showing up just to watch Oscar Pistorius walk out. South african TV has called this the trial of the century. Every day delivering some shocking twist or turn. But the admission by the lead investigator that his men mishandled the possible murder weapon may be even stole Pistorius' watch could change this trial. Marching out of court Friday the blade runner seemed confident for the first time in ten days of testimony. His defense team had spent the afternoon verbally bludgeoning the lead investigator in his murder trial who, get this, admitted his team handled and moved the murder weapon without gloves. I asked him what are you doing and then he turned to me and was looking and then he realized there was no gloves on. Reporter: He even suspected his own men of stealing not one, but possibly two of Pistorius' luxury watches. I can't believe it. We were just there. How can this watch be gone? Reporter: Oscar Pistorius is fighting murder charges but all week he's been unable to fight back the emotion. Nearly each time forensic photos of his blood smeared bathroom were shown he became physically ill. Heaving in his front row bench Thursday delivered this bucket on Monday and almost every day covering his head and eyes with paper or just his hands. The olympian is accused of murdering his model girlfriend reeva steenkamp last year in his bathroom saying when he realized she wasn't an intruder he used a cricket bath to smash down the door. Using that same bat and the same door, the prosecution has tried to demonstrate that he was lying about his version of events that night. Now, that hasn't exactly worked for them. And right now what we're seeing is Pistorius' defense going on the offense doing something I've never before seen happen in a trial before. They're of course aing the prosecution to bring to the stand the first cop on the scene who they say will reveal even more police bunk 8ing. Dan, bianna. They clearly see an opening here. Matt Gutman thank you very much.

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{"id":22924297,"title":"Oscar Pistorius' Lawyers Argue Murder Investigation Was Bungled","duration":"3:00","description":"Officer originally in charge of investigation describes mishandled evidence, stolen property at the murder scene.","url":"/GMA/video/oscar-pistorius-lawyers-argue-murder-investigation-bungled-22924297","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}