Oscar Pistorius Murder Trial: Athlete's Housekeeper Was Home

Frank Chiziweni claims he was asleep through the whole incident.
2:19 | 05/06/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Oscar Pistorius Murder Trial: Athlete's Housekeeper Was Home
Latest on Oscar for stories and the new and shocking revelations about the one person could be the key to the case. ABC's -- -- covering that from the courthouse in Pretoria South Africa good morning Matt. Good morning George for sixteen months we believe that there were only two people -- unscripted stories his house the night of the shooting. But there was a third person this story says longtime housekeeper who has the hard to believe story that he heard nothing. This morning ABC news has learned that -- -- these stories is mystery housekeeper frank -- when he. Was at the house in the frantic moments -- the stories fired into his bathroom door killing his model girlfriend -- -- camp just yesterday for the first time in the sixteen months since the shooting. The first -- -- stories his house that night. Revealed his existence. Those people do you know who they -- it was that does security guard had to remember it creates heat. And I think -- best friend whose friends. Frank is the gentleman that lived at -- the stories -- hops. But perhaps more shocking to his -- -- who lives on the first floor that -- Ruble -- two -- kitchen allegedly told police that night. That he was asleep throughout the incident saying that he. Heard nothing ABC news has learned that neither the defense nor the prosecution will Coleman as a witness. Because he would have said anything of consequence on the stand but neighbors like a -- who -- 200 yards away said he heard so much. And the thing that I remember the most. Not -- kind of compete with this being his next door neighbor said that she too was awoken by a man screams was -- Now forbidden love -- it -- -- that it. Cost if it was. I'm note on Iran to not visited -- towards multiple neighbors mimicking the whales they heard. And that whatever it was -- -- hearing that high pitched how all these stories in the dock. During his face in his hands -- mother nearby was seen -- Now we've learned that the stories his housekeeper is a young man from Central Africa and that that the stories family continues to employ him. Now this trial has seemed to go slowly but over the past couple of days. The defense team has flown through witnesses they say they could wrap their case as early as next Tuesday Robin. Have to wait and see -- that will be the case thank you.

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{"id":23605154,"title":"Oscar Pistorius Murder Trial: Athlete's Housekeeper Was Home","duration":"2:19","description":"Frank Chiziweni claims he was asleep through the whole incident.","url":"/GMA/video/oscar-pistorius-murder-trial-athletes-housekeeper-home-23605154","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}