Oscar Pistorius: Detective Facing Attempted Murder Charges

Prosecution witness and chief investigator in the case is accused of attempted murder.
2:28 | 02/21/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Oscar Pistorius: Detective Facing Attempted Murder Charges
The stunning twist in the case of olympic star oscar pistorius. Bazi kanani has seen it all in the courtroom. She joins us now. Good morning, bazi. Reporter: George, a bombshell development in the courtroom today, when the prosecutor identifies their key witness, the lead detective in the case, is charged of murder charges. Oscar ptorius and his family were looking more relieved today, now that the prosecution has been dealt this new blow. The detective faces seven charges of attempted murder, stemming from a 2011 incident, where he and two other police officers were accused of opening fire on a minivan carrying several people. The prosecution has made the decision to charge the investigating officer, as well as two other officers, for the charge of attempted murder. Reporter: Prosecutors say they will investigate whether the detective should remain on the pistorius case. The bizarre twist, unraveling just hours after botha's muddled and confused testimony on wednesday. In court, pistorius argued he was closing his balcony doors, when he heard a noise from the bathroom. He told the court he grabbed a gun from under his bed and fired through the closed gatt room door. But prosecutors say that's implausible, because the hollister was found on the side of the bed where steenkamp slept. And he would have seen she wasn't there. This morning, this exclusive photo of what they say pistorius kept on the night stand of his bedroom. Keys, a tv remote, a watch, and a handgun. The photo taking during a photo shoot for "paris match" magazine. The associated press also reported that pistorius applied for six gun permits just three weeks before the shooting. Despite those reports, reeva steenkamp's cousin told piers morgan she wants to believe pistorius' sry. That's what I want in my heart I wish was the truth. I wouldn't like to think my cousin suffered. Reporter: Based on the known evidence at this point, they say there's no proof that pistorius killed his own girlfriend. The prosecution is expecting to get its closing arguments later. And they are expected to reiterate that pistorius has a history of violent threats. And they believe he's a flight risk because he has the means to live abroad. Robin? Thank you so much.

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{"id":18554911,"title":"Oscar Pistorius: Detective Facing Attempted Murder Charges","duration":"2:28","description":"Prosecution witness and chief investigator in the case is accused of attempted murder.","url":"/GMA/video/oscar-pistorius-murder-trial-detective-facing-attempted-murder-18554911","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}