Oscar Predictions : Best Supporting Actor

Can anyone unseat Christopher Plummer?
1:32 | 02/23/12

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Transcript for Oscar Predictions : Best Supporting Actor
So let's take on the supporting categories the ones that come in the beginning so you're -- an Oscar pool and home. You know these are the ones you can -- no you've got wrongly got right best supporting actor Tony Brown -- Lawrence of the now. Jonah Hill and money ball. Nick Nolte in warrior Christopher Plummer. Innings and -- outside. That. Now tell me -- year the average age of the nominees would be 212. -- is the veteran's category and Christopher Plummer -- 82 has won the majority of the -- going into this and he is straight actor. A guy playing a gay -- Who's going to die this is usually what -- and I say he's going to win. If there's a shocked. In this one it's not going to be Jonah Hill because he's too young to even be in this category I think it's gonna be next -- -- an extremely loud -- incredibly -- He is 82 as well. Did all -- Ingmar Bergman movies and now plays a guy whose view. But has. Yes written on this hand in the know on his hand just. -- -- And some people actually love this horrible movie -- incredibly -- I do not so he's the surprise but I'm gravely accusing. Christopher Plummer. As the winner that's what.

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{"id":15775910,"title":"Oscar Predictions : Best Supporting Actor","duration":"1:32","description":"Can anyone unseat Christopher Plummer?","url":"/GMA/video/oscar-predictions-best-supporting-actor-15775910","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}