Oscar Race Heats Up

Voter ballots are due back in what is shaping up to be a red hot race.
2:00 | 02/19/12

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Transcript for Oscar Race Heats Up
The Oscars are only a week away and we -- are paying especially close friends into the countdown because the show is an air right here uneasy and right now. It's crunch time with a lot of -- sweating it out because the ballots are due back in just 48 hours more now from our in house Oscar expert. ABC's Chris -- One week before Oscar night in the names making news the flight. George and Sean some say the best actor race has been doing that tighten up lately. The descendants -- flip -- brother and father in deep crisis. Perhaps facing a serious challenge from John and charge them very Daschle's very funny and we apply it in the -- It's this -- -- -- had ever heard of he's been winning a lot of awards so that's I think that's biggest race. This is won't -- -- church is extremely well liked and like it or not that actually. Can matter. Merrill imperil. I have to. -- British she is in the iron lady she might walk another streak of broken dreams at this year's show. For while master Oscar mogul Harvey Weinstein beats the best actress -- on her behalf. The exquisite Viola Davis remains the slight betting choice for the health and he's in -- wrong. Crystal Method. Delicately stepping into the host's role after original host Eddie Murphy's not exactly on time departure. Billy -- been keeping his comic plans for Oscar night on the down -- thus far. -- and he'd be working with the artists canine. What Billy does unleashed is likely to be memorable. Silent but deadly. The artist -- clear best picture favorite Hollywood has already moved on to the bigger question the business of comic book blockbuster. And mega -- What does this silent movies victory Saturday. At a time when that they are being bombarded by albums and technology this reminds them reminds the world what's so special about -- -- Reported -- Good Morning America Chris -- ABC news Los Angeles. And don't forget to tune in on Oscar Sunday -- 6 at 7 eastern 4 Pacific right here -- ABC.

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{"id":15745472,"title":"Oscar Race Heats Up","duration":"2:00","description":"Voter ballots are due back in what is shaping up to be a red hot race. ","url":"/GMA/video/oscar-race-heats-15745472","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}