Oscar Red Carpet: Fashion Hits and Misses

Many stars chose to go with simple black and white on Hollywood's big night.
3:05 | 02/27/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Oscar Red Carpet: Fashion Hits and Misses
Just so spectacular. To Jennifer -- has to newcomer Rooney Mara all visions in white on the red carpets. And that is sort of -- -- year in which a black and white film the artist won best picture many of Hollywood's biggest names ditched the bright bold colors. And they just went for it full -- black in light. This is -- tennis super bowl of fashion. And you're not. Red carpet the competition was red hot spot. -- -- -- children Oscar must have. From what it's being Tom -- down to Jennifer Lopez plunging in where Barack the envelope pusher that set off a social. Media frenzy. But these ladies -- -- flash blue collar Michelle really believe the time and who could forget this fast actresses shimmering blond bond. And the talk of the night. Number and want to about that -- revealing a certain white flag now has its own Twitter page. Even I was letting on a few red carpet secrets. Looks like the golden. -- -- -- Gaudenzi NASA's next to clean up very nice thing -- -- wearing -- -- that's all slipping and and everywhere and tonight we did tuxedo that I -- -- there -- a young -- told Georgia. Gray again -- -- wearing let's talk fast. Little. -- no wonder whether. How many -- its banks only one tonight. Little giant James Bond thing going on the little things I actually agree. The first Mexican James Bond a couple of these long trains are -- -- blizzard -- the problem for me what the everyone's dressed so long. I didn't step on it by accident your -- they looking like period in Saint Louis at -- -- this again maintained. Like ten NN. Cinema royalty even managed actual royalty but there are no strangers on Tuesday he's Oscar gals are all Oscar capital did -- -- Everything I like the Oscar body is. Yeah. -- Great friendship. And yes there were -- love connection -- introduce you guarantee underneath the starved half heartedly. Advance with the overwhelming disease in the past 200 couples how -- do you really -- you. I -- -- -- You have my daddy don't want to do so that kids really. Okay we'll talk there's one thing is clear that this bridesmaid walking down that -- has felt like injury to regulate and I don't wake. It's really.

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{"id":15799652,"title":"Oscar Red Carpet: Fashion Hits and Misses","duration":"3:05","description":"Many stars chose to go with simple black and white on Hollywood's big night.","url":"/GMA/video/oscar-red-carpet-fashion-hits-misses-15799652","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}