Oscar Red Carpet: What Will the Stars Wear?

Brad Goreski, Nina Garcia on the looks we might see on Hollywood's big night.
4:42 | 02/24/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Oscar Red Carpet: What Will the Stars Wear?
What should you watch for on the red carpet for joining us now our fashion stylists and star Bravo -- show it to Brad Brad world mr. Brecher rescue. -- -- Half five both the fashion director for Marie Claire magazine and Project Runway judge me say. Okay. And I so -- when you're with us you're kind of giving us a little idea. Of what to look for what you think we did see up there in the red carpet. It's -- well I think we've been seeing a lot of red which has been really nice. Read as a continuation of like that pops of color we've been seeing all -- the red carpet which I love. I think we're seeing a little bit more of a shift towards past dallas' allow and then mixed in there with that kind of romanticism of femininity there's a little bit of -- -- plans it plunging neckline some highs sleds. You know little peek a -- moments were like are we seeing things are we not seeing things which I love. Do you think -- typical of that I think. -- you're -- to be have a red carpet very excited -- working with few. On Sunday so what do you think the -- you'll be seeing on their rivals well you know I do agree with Brad a lot of -- We've seen a lot of -- on the runways we've seen a lot of metallic especially gold. A lot of gold on the runways and I predict the name ladylike and of course old Hollywood and plan. You look like this morning -- -- hit kind of channeling that. I -- -- -- I'll have to it's gotta be old Hollywood and that's what the show is about OK but we're giving us little hints about. When -- with us when -- you're -- Those crowded at that you're talking about Octavia Spencer and you are very pleased with how she has done this awards season out there in the red carpet and you expect to continue -- -- -- yet I'm waiting for her to get out of the carpet on Sunday going to see that she's wearing I think. You know doing an Oscar campaign. For an actress you have to go to so many events and where so many -- and I just feel like every time she's on the continent on them on send or. You know at any event she's just been looking smoking hot and I cannot wait to see -- -- gonna turn out we're all very anxious and I know she's anxious to hear and the Oscar goes to in the here. Her name we don't know that's the mystery of Sunday we -- reported seeing. Home well. Several but Rooney Mara is on top of my list she is an editor's dream and -- right about. -- she's got this boyish -- she's got this severe haircut she is edgy she is modern she's war. The 100 you know she's willing to take don't go there she you'll go there and there's only. One other person that goes there and it's Tilda Swinton. And you know she says designers. Don't think right now in fact he thought she practically design an entire. Collection inspired by her for quick tour. So she is really an fashion it's a fashion moment there because she's such a risk to. Let's talk about the guys now. Do you think personal Pratt. Challenges -- from the -- that. I've been watching him he just looked so -- has. Suits are beautifully tailored he looks just like a handsome movie side -- I can't wait to see him on the carpet. In the long ban all the time which is now for a man a dream to where all the time. And -- personality. I agree with you yeah how about George -- at least the threat. George Clooney -- -- I don't -- -- -- -- -- Never again and I know uses plastic time list it -- he -- you know they've never grows old saying all of them didn't -- so get excited and you'll have been out regard. Are -- as excited as well as we are. I'm not defending factor that so -- the country I know that I had if I can't wait it has thug thing it is so what I'm not I'm a -- for what advice would you give the two of us it's are going to be on the red carpet what I want -- -- -- in some -- -- must be some lag. Down a little bed and get. I don't ever let us now miss Garcia I'm expecting a full fashion moment I want the finale look at probably -- on you that's an. I don't know and see what we do. I can't way I'll see you want to end their will and tell us do you think rocks the red carpet on Sunday use the hash tag best dressed -- weigh in on Twitter. We'll reveal the winner Monday morning on our biggest gimmick Oscars after party ever and we should tune in for Oscar's red carpet live -- beginning -- seventeenth season. This is -- here on the beautiful let's tell.

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{"id":15782727,"title":"Oscar Red Carpet: What Will the Stars Wear?","duration":"4:42","description":"Brad Goreski, Nina Garcia on the looks we might see on Hollywood's big night.","url":"/GMA/video/oscar-red-carpet-fasion-stars-wear-15782727","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}